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(Matthew Vita) #1

Hi everyone. Please see the attached graphic (only the units area for this thread). Let me know if you want to work on this project!





I am waiting for an Inpatient module, need bed and room tracking... getting a bit impatient...:)
Affordable Medical Devices Connectivity
OpenEMR for everything
(Jerry P) #2

@MatthewVita So you know I am 75% done with institutional UB04/CMS-1450 claim module aimed at institutions.

(Matthew Vita) #3

That is very encouraging!

(André Millet) #4

this is how I imagine the first screen. it is almost exactly we find in every intensive care unit in Brazil, but handmade, on whiteboard. thoughts on it:

  1. multitask feature (e.g. lab test for patients 1, 4 and 5)
  2. a ‘new patient’ link, with option to import from other sources, like patient portal, or other facilities

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(André Millet) #5

we could walk by the suggested features @MatthewVita pointed, what do you guys think?

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #6


(Matthew Vita) #7


  • We should include the MAR work by @robert.down and @juggernautsei in this project. Very important for inpatient.
  • It may be interesting to work with the MohawkMEDIC client-registry team to get an EMPI solution documented in the case a hospital uses multiple medical systems. I recently got in touch with them as I am interested in how to integrate the solution with OpenEMR. This may be more for US use cases though

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(André Millet) #9

kindle done

raspPI FTW

(André Millet) #10

who made this

(Matthew Vita) #11

Just found on Google. Not sure of the source :confused:

(Roberto Vasquez) #12

It will be a good unit testing to access openEmr from the Fire HD8 and see how the stable and the beta openEmr version works. Obrigado Andre.

(André Millet) #13

is from my-sygnals.com. the email I just told you about.

(Jerry P) #14

If it matters, I’ve done considerable micro controller design and firmware development including Linux driver development for many micro controllers including RaspPI and T.I. Most emphasis on real world interfaces and protocol stacks.

(André Millet) #15

welcome to the team !

(Matthew Vita) #16

@sjpadgett Hi Jerry. I also want to welcome you to the team.

It appears that the research @andremillet did with the my signals devices company has concluded with the following results:

  • The devices are very nice and cost effective, but only really work with their proprietary “cpu” system that is costly
  • The company has an older “cpu” system that would be cheaper, but it doesn’t look like they make it anymore.

To jump on a task, please engage with the following issue: Low Cost Medical Devices Search for OpenEMR Integration · Issue #978 · openemr/openemr · GitHub (this is where we are recording our progress)

(Matthew Vita) #17

See the task entited " Look for low cost EKG and Pulse Oximeter/Blood Oxygen devices that are either usb devices or RaspPis that work with cheap Android tablets or Windows netbooks." - this may be a good one to pick up on as Andre and I await a final response from my signals company.

(Jerry P) #18

I have many of the micro controllers you have been looking at and what you are paying for really is the firmware to run the sensors/devices. I need to do some research and get back to you. In the end, you should not be too worried about processing cost but concentrate on the peripheral devices. Especially those that may already have A/D and digital interfaces.

(Matthew Vita) #19

Agree that peripheral devices are the big focus.

(Matthew Vita) #20

Note that I have redid this thread’s initial post to be specific to units. Devices and other inpatient features will be handled in other threads.