I am waiting for an Inpatient module, need bed and room tracking... getting a bit impatient...:)

If there is any way to assign rooms and beds to patient, and keep track of that for easy bed assignment, please let me know…

Hi @sergiors

The great thing about open-source is if there’s a feature you need, it’s easy to contribute :slight_smile:

I recommend following this Units Support thread as the feature you’re requesting will come from this.

There is always the option to hire a developer for this. I’ve sent you a private message with more info.

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I have finished the Inpatient module and it is ready for testing. It includes bed creation, bed tracking, bed assignment, bed change, bed release and cost tracking.


hey i will be interested in the test result. hope by now everything is working perfectly? how can i have access to this module?

Hello Muhammad

At this point I am converting the code of the inpatient module to the new PHP 7.0 version. Let me contact you in a day or two with the new demo.


Dr. Sergio R. Samoilovich




Thanks hoping to hear from you.

Will make this a priority. I’ll keep this thread updated with progress. Ground work was laid today

I just updated the Inpatient module to OpenEMR 5.0.2 with PHP 7.0. It was needed, because the previous version did not run in the most recent OpenEMR release. There are still a few minor issues to be solved, but the system allows a hospital administrator to keep track of in which bed is every patient placed. Beds are inside rooms, inside floors and inside Hospital Areas.
Patients can be moved from one bed to another, released or entered again.
Ask me for credentials to see a demo.

How do we reach out to you for demo credentials?

Hello Courney

The demo is running at http://medical-records.net/openemr1/ User is olivia and pass is caleta33

This page:

https://free-emr-system.com/features-of-the-inpatient-module-for-openemr/ explains how to use the inpatient module

Let me know…




Interesting module, great work.

Courtney J. Gallant

Hi Sergio,

I am very much interested in the inpatient module for openemr. The username and password provided above do not work. It would be great if you can arrange a demo. I represent a medical iot company. Do let me know when we can get in touch.

Hello. You had an old link to a demo. Please use http://med.click/new with user : user33 and password : user33 Ask me about any issue.

Thanks mate,
Will go through it and get back to you.

Hi Sergio,

The url http://med.click/new is not very consistent and at times displays a domain name placeholder page. Will it be possible to share the source code so we can have installed in our VM and check it? It will enable us to evaluate it better. We are considering the solution from what we have seen so far. Please let me know how we can take it forward.

Hi Sergio,

Any update on this?
Need an answer to take things forward at our end.

Please complete the test in the online server, it is working OK at this point.

Hi Sergio,

Getting a internal server error on the below api:

payload: (formdata)

We face this while assigning a patient to a bed.
This is blocking us from exploring the inpatient feature further.
Please have a look.

Sorry for that.
Please try http://medical-records.net/openinterna/ , user is user33 and password also user33