Critical Care Rio 2017

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@andremillet has identified an excellent opportunity for us ( and has kindly volunteered to represent our community there. I will briefly speak on this during the marketing section of the board meeting tomorrow, but I wanted to post our submission here for feedback:

Improving Inpatient Care with Interoperable, Data-Centric Open Source Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

Matthew Vita, Dr. Andre Millet, OpenEMR Clinical Software Development

In Inpatient Care, it’s long been understood that adopting the latest software and hardware will provide more essential patient data to providers to aide in the clinical decision making process. However, many hospitals struggle to find EHR solutions that meet their specific needs and have difficulties in connecting clinical monitors such as EKG, glucose, and blood pressure/activity as well as lab systems to their EHR. In this thesis, we demonstrate OpenEMR, the most popular open source EHR, as configured for the modern inpatient setting using fine-tuned clinical workflow features and data formats such HL7. This novel solution holds a focus on customizability, interoperability, and cost effectiveness with a “development tester” hospital in Brazil to quantify the results. Having real-time patient data in one place using a secured and trusted open source system will likely impact the effectiveness of global healthcare.

Relevant link: Units Support

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I also would like to suggest we participate at

@andremillet the translation is rough. Is this a speaker opportunity?

it almost like critical care conference, but the speciality is family

Oh that’s wonderful! OpenEMR is great for that use case

And I really like to show how things works here. we might need a conference
call in order to explain how walking clinics are connected so we can
discuss how it can be improved