Telehealth Demo

We have setup a demo server to “try out” the telehealth module.

The server login is Doc password is IsThisWorking@123.

Here are the instructions on how to use the module.
Telehealth Provider Instructions

Please do not use real patients on this system.

The server resets everyday at 1 AM.

More details about installing the module on your local server can be found here.

If there are any issues please PM me instead of posting to this thread.

Sometimes we have to do private demos. If the username and password is not working, try again in two hours.

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login: Doc
PW: IsThisWorking@123.

^ does not work for

login: Doc
PW: IsThisWorking@123

^ also does not work

Please update, thanks!

We are doing some work. It is back on line now @Sarah_Graff.

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Working or not?

Have tried the details in Sarah’s post for login - without luck.

Share with me what steps did you take?

Are you using OEMR v7?

Did you apply the patch?

Did you run the sql_patch.php?

My bad. I thought that

login: Doc
PW: IsThisWorking@123

were details for a working demo…

This will not end well for people that don’t read all the way down here. The demo was tested yesterday.

There are new updates to the demo site.
The link above still works and the login still works with the same login.
There is only one patient and new ones cannot be created because providers are not allowed to reset patients’ credentials.
The credentials for Peppie La Pew are my email address

Constructive feedback is welcome.

What is the purpose of creating duplicate when adding visit to the calendar ?
Download link of the module does not work?
and it is working , I can log in the server……

I am not sure what you are referring to. The download does not work because the module is not included in patch 2. If you have installed patch 2, the telehealth module is available under the table modules unregistered.

Please post a screenshot to reference what you are talking about.

The second gotcha of the module is that it installs a calendar category Telehealth Established and Telehealth New Patient.
If you already have a telehealth category, this can be confusing because you will need to select the new category that was installed with the module. Otherwise the telehealth session will not be activated.

I have a session from demo server and awaiting patient to join, ii sent you email notification on:

Yes, that page is no longer needed because it is apart of the code base not a separate module anymore.

It is the same module that was posted on source forge.

do I close the session for Dr. Spoc on the demo server?
I just wanted to see if it connects .

I am not sure what you mean by “Close the session”. It is best to use your computer and a phone, mobile device to test the telehealth session.

From this demo server:
has one patient only La Pew
can I notify my number so I can establish a session on my phone? from my understanding I cannot and I though the only email contact for the patient on the demo is yours, am I missing something?
I do not want to add the module to my openemr for time being even if it is 7 day free, I thought I could test with the demo server.

Change Peppies email address to your own and you will get the notification but the notification does not include the link to the patient portal.

To log into the portal use as the username. Password is @&P2Yrz9l6ZBLMN%s9A and confirm email address in the third box.

Do this from your phone.

Right now, we only have the live system and that is why we can only have one patient so we don’t have to keep cleaning out all the fake patients from the system. It is a control measure.

I logged into portal, accessed patient la pew profile, sent secure text did not receive it from my computer demo server?
also booked appointment Telehealth in 5 min but where to notify patient ?

Never mind , I call it off until seeing a video explains the work flow process, I have seen your videos for initiating the vid chat but I mean the comprehensive work process . thank you any way

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Hi Sherwin,
Is there a link to the pricing that you can share?
If I may, is this an open source module, or proprietary? The reason for the question is that some changes may be relevant in particular situations.

Regards, Simon