Telehealth Demo

We have setup a demo server to “try out” the telehealth module.

The server login is Doc password is IsThisWorking@123.

Here are the instructions on how to use the module.
Telehealth Provider Instructions

Please do not use real patients on this system.

The server resets everyday at 1 AM.

More details about installing the module on your local server can be found here.

If there are any issues please PM me instead of posting to this thread.

Sometimes we have to do private demos. If the username and password is not working, try again in two hours.

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login: Doc
PW: IsThisWorking@123.

^ does not work for

login: Doc
PW: IsThisWorking@123

^ also does not work

Please update, thanks!

We are doing some work. It is back on line now @Sarah_Graff.

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Working or not?

Have tried the details in Sarah’s post for login - without luck.

Share with me what steps did you take?

Are you using OEMR v7?

Did you apply the patch?

Did you run the sql_patch.php?

My bad. I thought that

login: Doc
PW: IsThisWorking@123

were details for a working demo…