Telehealth Module

Sherwin, @juggernautsei, supports this module.

Hi @juggernautsei,

Does the Teleheath module need to be separately installed on OpenEMR after installing 7.0.0 and patching? Where is telehealth menu option located on OpenEMR?


however there was this announcement that indicates that Lifemesh is not accepting new accounts, Thank you OpenEMR

@stephenwaite, Thank you so much your quick responses. I also see it is no logner working in the following link.

Does that mean the telehealth module is not working at all on OpenEMR?


I am joining the conversation because there is an alternative to the Lifemesh.
We just finished testing this week.

To install the module on v7, download this patch.

Follow the normal patching procedure. Then install the module patch the same way your unzip the patch from the OpenEMR web root directory. It should unzip into the interface/modules/custom_modules/oe-telehealth folder.

Go to the module manager, unregistered modules and you should see the comlink telehealth module v1.1.3 listed. Register the module and click on the settings to purchase service.

There is a 7 day free trial include in the subscription.

Here are the instructions on how to use the service.

TeleHealthProviderInstructions.pdf (219.3 KB)



Hi Sherwin @juggernautsei,

Thank you so much for the update and instructions. I will try to install this.


Hi Sherwin @juggernautsei ,

I installed Comlink telehealth module using your instructions. But when I tried to enable it to register, I am getting this error. Can you please help?


Is that what you see first thing when you click the setting gears?
What should happen is the welcome.php page that is in the root of the oe-telehealth folder should display. If it does not display as you are getting. Check your permissions on the folder and or page. You have to figure out that is serving your the Access denied. Look at your console log and apache server error logs for clues.

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Thank you. It is resolved.

Hi Sherwin @juggernautsei,

When we tried to subscribe to the Telehealth module, there was a pop-up with a code. I am unsure what that code is for and how do we know if we have the 7-day free trial version started or if our subscription was successful? Can you please help?

When I schedule a telehealth appointment, I do not see any video launch icon.


Please share a screenshot so I can see what it is you are referring to.

More than likely because you don’t have credentials that go in the globals under the telehealth tab.

@juggernautsei What should go under these settings? I did not find any details on how these need to be set up in the instructions. When we click on the subscription button, all it took was credit card details and then there was a pop-up with some code, That’s all. Does that sound right?

These setting will be sent to you when a subscription is purchased.

When you sign up for a subscription, you will receive the credentials to put in the globals. You will have 7 days from the time that you sign up to cancel your subscription and owe nothing.

We used the Debit or Credit Card option, all it asked was card details and did not send any details, and did not ask for signup details too. After we clicked on Subscribe it just popped a code with no other details.

Hi Sherwin,

After we received credentials from you, we added the credentials in the global settings under Telehealth Module and enabled it to auto-register for providers. But when I am launching the session, I am getting the error “There was an error in launching your telehealth session. Please try again or contact support”

Hi Mallela,
Can you post the screen shot. Needs to see what you have entered under Global/Telehealth Module.

Hi Amit,

The issue has been resolved. When I am trying to launch the session, it was trying to check the index.php file in the oe-module-comlink-telehealth directory. It was showing me errors in the console. When I checked I did not have this directory so copied all the files from the oe-telehealth directory to this directory. It resolved the issue.

Thank you for your time.