Patient Portal Two Work


(Stephen Waite) #81

:dark_sunglasses: :spider_web: :slight_smile:

(Brady Miller) #82

Sounds like we need to start planning for release of 5.0.2 in the relatively near future :slight_smile:

(Brady Miller) #83
It is time for dark facebook and dark mastadon :slight_smile:

(Stephen Waite) #84

hi @sjpadgett could you post the other secure values here :wink:

oh, nevermind @sjpadgett, just entered dummy values in the other fields :slight_smile:

one more thing @sjpadgett :slight_smile: , where is the credit card info stored for the providers office to use with their payment processor?

(Jerry P) #85

Umm, what other values. I don’t think I care about code or date only that they are there.

(Stephen Waite) #86

yep, thanks @sjpadgett , is the credit card info submitted to the portal viewable in the emr?

(Jerry P) #87

Yep, under Miscellaneous->Portal Dashboard the Audit. Select the audit record for the patients payment.
I hope I put up the fixes for a bug in dashboard. I think I did and should be on demos.

(Stephen Waite) #88

cool @sjpadgett, it was off the screen and sometimes firefox doesn’t show the slide toggle on the right so didn’t know could slide down, real slick

only thing am not seeing there now is Card CVV

(Jerry P) #89

How did I miss CVV? Never mind, I suppose if I don’t know, you probably won’t either.:slight_smile: I’ll try to crave out some time to fix. I assume the popup was to large for your screen so I need to replace with dlgopen instead of BS fixed model. It’s like I said, I was never real happy with payment and wasn’t even going to include in portal but thought it was a start if others wanted to fix it up.

(Stephen Waite) #90

maybe after you carve out some :stuffed_flatbread: :slight_smile:
i’ll keep filing longtext feature suggestions if i know you’re full :whale2:

(Jerry P) #91

Gee Stephen, you’re suppose to come back with…No No No Jerry, it’s wonderful and i’m glad you included it…:slight_smile:

(Stephen Waite) #92

hi @sjpadgett this looks good, how is the person notified that they have an invoice waiting for them in the portal documents?

(Jerry P) #93

Either patient check their notification message icon on title bar on right or their inbox in Secure Messaging.

(Stephen Waite) #94

could this be sent out as a notification with sms or email?

(Jerry P) #95

I think if you have e-mail setup in OpenEMR then instead of sending to portal via portal button, send to e-mail. I guess if you have sms setup then a little code work would need to be done. I wrote an interface for Ring Central but don’t know if I want to put in OpenEMR(account setup is sort of involved with R.C)

(Stephen Waite) #96

hi @sjpadgett, is it possible to disable secure chat and appointments?

(Jerry P) #97

Simple answer is no. You’d need to setup some global like I did with online payment.

(Jerry P) #98

I’ll see if I can’t add this and open PR

(Jerry P) #99

I went ahead and added the appointments and chat enable/disable to portal. Could backport to 5.0.1 if is checked for compatibility. Anyway:

Will merge to master as soon as travis scrutinizes. Ever wonder if he is over paid. :slight_smile:

How to hide appointments menu from patient portal
(Jerry P) #100

I’m trying to keep new portal updates compatible with 5.0.1 so if 5.0.2 version of portal is needed for 5.0.1 you may find here in this P.R and/or pull down the updated portal source from 5.0.1 branch of master or pull from my git.

My git