Patient Portal Two Work


(Stephen Waite) #61

sure, can try on my own test server if @brady.miller and the docker gang don’t be me to it

(Brady Miller) #62

@stephenwaite ,
Fix just got brought into codebase. With 1 click of the mouse I can have the ten demo start again. Just let me know and will do it (don’t want to just do it without asking you in case you have configured it for something).

(Stephen Waite) #63

go for it, thanks Brady, most impressive…

(Brady Miller) #64

Going now. will take a couple minutes. btw, if you use that demo with data, then can log into the patient portal with the demo credentials:

demo credentials is here:

(Brady Miller) #65

doh. just realized you were already using the demo with data.
btw, since was there tried out the new patient portal (not my first time, but been awhile) and that thing is just awesome!

(Jerry P) #66

Thanks, still a couple rough edges like online payment, but I almost have a new invoicing module for it that is done using angularjs.

(Stephen Waite) #67

thanks for the login info

so when login as phil should you be able to revise the demographics

right now the demographics aren’t loading in popup and only the cancel works

(Jerry P) #68

So sorry, same problem…I am old you know… will fix in a moment after I check all the dag-nabbed header files…

(Stephen Waite) #69

no worries, just poking around, thank you

(Jerry P) #70

I think we’re set now once Brady brings PR in and demos reset. Thanks for the help.

(Brady Miller) #71

Just brought it into the codebase and restarting the demo at now
Thanks @sjpadgett !

(James Shawn) #72

thank you very much for sharing the information and keeping us up to date brandy. will you help me if i’m going to have some questions for you to ask? i see you know these things better.

(Brady Miller) #73

Hi @Hite1981 ,

Welcome to OpenEMR and definitely feel free to ask questions!

If it’s not related to the new portal, then recommend opening a new thread.


(Stephen Waite) #74

hi @sjpadgett, do you have plans to add online payment capability for the portal? thank you

(Stephen Waite) #75

Can probably get a sponsor for this if it’s not too onerous :slight_smile:

(Jerry P) #76

Hi @stephenwaite,
This is already partially supported as patient can make a payments online which then is sent to Portal Dashboard where Admin can review the credit info and submit to their credit card company for approval. Once approved, Admin can then post the payment from Dashboard, just as if they took the payment at front desk.
This is not the best work i’ve done and I still wish to make the invoice patient sees more friendly. To add electronic card verification then will need to know which one to use and add the web service for that vendor. There are so many it is difficult to pick ones that may be commonly used by our community and embed in our opensource.
Also note that you may send invoices to portal patients from postings where the patient may fill out the invoice in Portal Patient Documents and send back to Dashboard just as if they mailed the payment back.(this one, i’m a little proud of :slight_smile: ).
You need to turn on online payments for portal in Globals…

(Stephen Waite) #77

thank you @sjpadgett, i’ll play around with it some more.

if i remember the last time i looked at the 5.0.1(5) demo was having trouble with the dashboard showing any activity submitted from the portal

(Jerry P) #78

When we changed to using composer and npm to build our dependency trees the portal had a couple refactored paths that were incorrect. Brady fixed in master so the demos should be good to go now. However, this makes backwards compatibility to v5.0.1 not possible from master/v5.0.2 for any new updates or bug fixes.(which I have several like, I reworked Secure Chat which is very nice now). I’ll need to get with Brady to see how best we can support both.
Also, Online payment has a bug in current where you need to have selected the patient you are going to be reviewing for the payment audit in Dashboard->Audit Changes. Will fix soon.
Here is a fake test credit card for use in portal payment. 5105105105105100 i.e MC.
Am I making sense or rambling? :slight_smile:

(Stephen Waite) #79

starting to see the :flashlight: :slight_smile:

(Jerry P) #80

Gosh, We can’t have that! I don’t want too be the only one in the dark…