Patient Portal Two Work

It seems there have been at least three requests that the portal have the ability to allow potential patients to signup/create an account, mainly so patient may create an appointment. This could be especially useful for smaller practices, maybe.
My concern has been twofold against, of which, one is security and two is it could be an Administrators headache.

I have to update the appointment feature so I thought maybe I could make an attempt at this before v5.0.1 release so, I am looking for feedback on how this feature could be implemented or requests, within reason for time please, for feature abilities.

Here’s my attempt:

Hello sjpadgett,

We have some ideas to implement this registration feature in Patient Portal.

  • Patient Portal screen will have an option to Register/Sign Up for new patient.
  • Once new user is heading to registration, a form having all the necessary fields to be opened.
  • After validating the user’s inputs,a new patient will be created.
  • We can also give manual approval from the admin to the new patient creation
  • Login credentials will be sent to the new users using their e-mail id, provided at the time of registration.
  • We can also notify about new patient’s registration to the admin via e-mail.
  • Once the user is able to log in,We may allow them to pick up the appointment slot in patient portal screen.


@visolveemr Sounds reasonable to me. Thanks for the feedback.

I am on this same path also. There are some more specific requirements that the doctor who is a solo psychiatrist.

I have to get started on this feature this week.

If there is not a git on this yet, I will launch one once I have some code changes to post. Your input @sjpadgett and @visolve would be greatly appreciated. I know that I will be mangling some code and violating security protocols all over the place.

So, I need you guys to watch and show me what I don’t know or am not thinking about.

Here are the specifics for this doctor.

  1. Self-registration by the patient in OpenEMR patient portal.
  2. Signing documents of consent to pay and filing insurance information
  3. Collect CC information through Strip CC functionality for manual processing of payment
  4. Allow patient to schedule appointment (book appointment) after all the above are done


Hi all,
Regarding the self-registration, rec checking out how the offsite portal does this in their API(and will see the database tables they use to support this). May potentially be able to leverage that mechanism relatively easily.


We have some suggestion to consider:

Instead of collecting CC information of the patient, can we collect the Patient’s unique ID (like SSN).This will be a simple and easy implementation. Your thoughts?


@visolveemr it is not my call. It is the doctor’s request and a requirement for her practice. She needs a form of payment on file before the patient comes into her office. So, we are going to be using stripe. She is currently using

Her issue with them is that they keep changing the code and causing her problems with her operation. So, she wants code that she controls.

Also, their setup does not force the patient to fill in insurance information before booking the appointment which is a big problem for her.

Forgot to mention, need this done two weeks ago with very low resources as always.

So that is why I said I will be hacking the program to get to what she wants and then figure out what I broke later.

@juggernautsei @visolveemr,
We are talking about my portal here right? I have(turned off) a hook to collect credit card info and send to portal dashboard encrypted. Also can send invoice from posting and pay in patient documents in portal, just need to adapt to stripe and ease use of UI. I’m working on appointments now and everything is there to get demographics for signup, just need to create a wizard. Insurance I will collect primary in signup wizard.
I can probably get this going a lot faster and will setup a project thread to track. I just need a day or two to engineer this out.

Yes we are talking about the new patient portal. Send me your PayPal address.

Sent ya a message. Your client will be using 5.0.1 right? I’m not sure how well portal will back port, but it might.

I am going to grab the latest code. So, whatever is in the dev is what I am going to start out with so that we don’t have to do a lot of back porting.

We may need an option in admin to pick it up patient self registration or clinic/ admin registration

Okay so what are you working on? I started a signup wizard which I was going to add the existing portal demographic edit screen, primary insurance and of course signup user/password creation.
If you wanted to start a module to handle the Strip CC I can find the hooks in portal and provide the invoice balance.

Portal has infrastructure to handle in couple diff ways including admin notify and currently portal dashboard allows writing demo’s to chart but I think for new patient, a button in patient demos will be appropriate.

I am confused a little when you wrote: “I started a signup wizard which I was going to add the existing portal demographic edit screen”

I am not sure why are you adding a wizard to the demographics screen. What is the wizard going to do?

Yes, I will work on the Strip CC. I will get their latest developers package.

Sorry, I tend to think if it is straight in my head everyone else understands. By wizard I mean for collecting patient information to create patient in OpenEMR. I already have a REST demographics form that I can quickly use in one panel then Insurance in second panel and third panel for maybe CC info. Trust me, it will be nice.

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@sjpadgett I trust you. Now, this I understand.

@brady.miller can you bring strip in via composer on the development site?

hi @juggernautsei ,
Be glad to. Will do this evening.

hi @juggernautsei ,

Just added the stripe package into the openemr codebase. Note the classes are autoloaded, so should be able to use the Stripe classes now for your development.