Patient Portal Two Work


(Adam Burch) #41

Thank you guys for all the hard work. The portal registration looks really nice. I have a couple of quick questions.

How do you register a patient that has no health insurance?
After hitting send request I received an error message
“Unable to either create credentials or send email.”
is this just part of the testing environment or was there a real error? For reference, I actually entered my real name, DOB and email into the forms for good measure so I know that the email address is valid.

Thanks again

(Jerry P) #42

Hi @aburch,
1.) What no insurance! I’d of thought congress would have that figured out by now.:slight_smile: Really, I simply didn’t think of it so I will have to come up with a solution.
2). “Unable to either create credentials or send email.” is most likely you don’t have e-mail set up on your server or defined in your system setup.

If you can look, most likely the patient was created and has user name and password but system was unable to send the information. I will certainly address this error to make more clear and give patient options besides trying to signup again.
Thank you for the feedback and these concerns will be addressed before release.

(Adam Burch) #43

It could be something as simple as a checkbox at the bottom of that screen that states- I do not currently have insurance.
I know that not every practice takes on patients without insurance so if it was an option to turn on/off the feature somewhere in the administration settings it would save a lot of headache.


(Jerry P) #44

Yep, makes sense. I’ll come up with something. Actually as it stands now the code only validates the insurance field is populated and not valid insurance so, shouldn’t be hard…
Thanks again.

(Stephen Waite) #45

hi @sjpadgett, could you help us use the portal on the development demos?
openemr 5.0.1
portal 2

for pt Phil Belford cannot login to the portal

(Jerry P) #46

Hey @stephenwaite, I was able to reset pass in demographics then log into portal using normal procedures. Remember to use contact e-mail for login e-mail.

(Stephen Waite) #47

ok thanks, so email is required then

(Jerry P) #48

Yep, it was a request/suggestion from someone.(MI2 me think). Did notice login e-mail is not sent with credentials(should be I guess) and I need to show appointments from all providers and not just provider of record. Could have gone a while without noticing that! Thanks for the work, my friend! :slight_smile:

(Stephen Waite) #49

you’re welcome, someone at wanted to know if the intake could be offloaded to the patient and it looks like you’re a long way to getting there:) nice job

(Jerry P) #50

Don’t understand, what is offload intake. Do you mean Patient can self register?

(Stephen Waite) #51

maybe i misspoke, how about can enter in demographics

(Stephen Waite) #52

the person sends their updates for review and the admin can approve by what mechanisim?

(Jerry P) #53

In OpenEMR proper under Miscellaneous->Portal Dashboard then Review Audits button. Once there, if patient has sent anything needed for review will show in Onsite Patient Activities table. This could be a document such as Privacy Agreement that they signed or Profile change or an invoice sent by posting to be paid or a online credit card payment or …
This help?

(Stephen Waite) #54

ok, thanks but misc->portal dashboard->click on review audits has blank table and a home button that’s not functional, also another little button that isn’t labeled

(Brady Miller) #55

Note your using the PHP7.1 demo which may still be buggy.

(Brady Miller) #56

So, would check the error log to ensure not getting php errors.

(Stephen Waite) #57

ok, thanks Brady

(Jerry P) #58

Nope, back to this:
Mixed Content: The page at ‘’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

which I don’t understand as I don’t get this on my servers. I’ll look at the relative url but no way to test 'cause I don’have issue…

(Stephen Waite) #59

thanks, will keep familiarizing with this feature packed portal, it’s really nice

(Jerry P) #60

I’m disappointed I couldn’t get your opinion on the Dashboard. Check back when I get the mixed content stuff figured out…