Patient Portal Two Work


(Stephen Waite) #101

how about authorize .net?

(Jerry P) #102

Yes doable but I think Square is far better in cost, I believe.

(Jerry P) #103

For those that are using the Portal I have created a PR to maintain backwards compatibility of updates made to current code base with 5.0.1. Brady is kind enough to include in next patch(7) however, if you want current changes before then, you can grab the branch from my git repository.
You can not use the Portal module from the master branch directly because of structural changes in v5.0.2 version of portal. The 5.0.2 and now, the back ported version of Portal has numerous bug fixes and a few enhancements.
Hope this proves useful. Here is PR link again.

(Roland) #104

Jerry your information is incredibly helpful. appreciating everythign you are doing. it is hard for me to learn since i’m on some redacted and that’s hard for me to keep my health and keep focusing. may i ask you toher questions if you don’t mind? thanks

(Jerry P) #105

Ask away Roland and i’ll try to answer best I can. @Hounts

(Stephen Waite) #106

ok, let’s think outside the box and do Square :slight_smile:

(Jerry P) #107

I’d do both but nobody ever shows any interest when I suggest these types of enhancements. Didn’t even hear a chirp on doing some Telemedicine enhancements like video conference.
Didn’t someone add at one point? I don’t see any code for it if it was.