OpenEMR Meetup/Training Session - How to create an OpenEMR Module

Hey my fellow OpenEMR Developers!

Edited October 23rd 2021 To Update Dates to Match November Saturdays, not October Saturdays

We are looking to start an OpenEMR meetup each month where developers from the OpenEMR community can come and learn from each other on cool, new, or not commonly known areas of the OpenEMR system. This will be a chance to come and learn, network, and enjoy the time with other OpenEMR developers.

For our first meetup I will be presenting on the OpenEMR module system. I will walk through the steps of creating a custom module, how OpenEMR runs modules in the module life cycle, several key events you can hook into in order to write custom modules for OpenEMR. As time permits I will also walk through an example of creating a Laminas module (formerly known as a Zend module) inside of OpenEMR. I helped bring the Zend Module system into the modern world and integrate it into the OpenEMR page lifecycle as well as creating the current OpenEMR mechanisms for creating custom do whatever you want modules. I’m excited to share this information with all of you and answer any questions you may have about creating modules in OpenEMR.

Also, if anyone is interested in presenting a 2 1/2 - 5 minute lightening talk on an OpenEMR subject please let me know as we’d like to provide that opportunity to two speakers each time we meet and we have those slots open for November :slight_smile:

In terms of when we will have the meetup we would like to try having the monthly meetup on our Saturday Developers call. What I’m interested in finding out from the community is whether there is any preference for the 13th or the 20th in November?

Going forward we will probably shoot for these meetups on the 2nd Saturday of each month (So December 11th 2021, January 15th 2021, etc) unless we find that Saturdays just are not the best day for this.

Just let me know if any of you are interested in coming and participating as well as any topics you would like to learn about.

Stephen Nielson


Either day if good for me.

This sounds wonderful. Is there any chance we can get good documentation on this? Once I understand this I’d be happy to contribute. I’ve had issues with getting modules to work on my local system.

I’ll do a session on the portal template engine where I plan to do further work with a drag and drop builder if of interest.

Meanwhile, I look forward to attending the first meet up and thanks for getting this going Stephen.


Looking forward to attending, whatever dates suits the presenter(s).

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I would like to attend. I have a preference for November 13th. Is this a Zoom meeting or something similar?

We will be using the Saturday weekly conference call which is done via zoom.

I would like to attend it. @adunsulag any time information

It will be at 2PM EST / 11 AM PST. The information for joining the call can be found here on our weekly conference call instruction page: OpenEMR Weekly Conference Call Details - OpenEMR Project Wiki

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@juggernautsei @growlingflea @sjpadgett @Ralf_Lukner @Hari_Khanal we will do the meetup on November 20th at 2PM EST / 11 AM PST. We will do it on Zoom on the OpenEMR Weekly Conference call.

Sorry @Ralf_Lukner, unfortunately some things came up and for Brady and I the 20th will work out better for us. If you can’t make it we hope to have you on the subsequent month.

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No worries. I will try to make it. Thank you so much for doing this. I also have possible ideas for future tutorials such as how to connect your web app to OpenEMR via the REST api and how to write custom forms.

Oh good. I just saw this. Can we make a recording of it for future developers??

We will be recording the session. We haven’t decided the best way we will distribute those recordings to the broader community but you can PM me or @brady.miller to get access to the recording.

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We are starting the training session in 10 minutes. If you with to join us jump on the weekly conference call here: OpenEMR Weekly Conference Call Details - OpenEMR Project Wiki

We will post the recorded training video in once we get it back from zoom. The slides for my presentation are here:


Here is the recording for our presentation on modules.


Have created a website page the for OpenEMR Meetup/Training Sessions (youtube links to both the OpenEMR Modules presentation and Event Listeners presentation can be found there):

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