Running skeleton module on 6.0

Update: this thread is about running the modules, issues with running it on rel-600 patch 3

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No sure if this is the right place to put this. i’ve been trying to run the skeleton module and I am getting an error with Twig where its trying to run a function that doesn’t exist:

Its is trying to run isDev, but that doesn’t exist anywhere in my project. I’ve gone ahead and ran composer. I’m wondering if I might be missing a version?

Thank you.

What version of OpenEMR are you running? (I would open a new issue for this) You can see isDev is in master openemr/Kernel.php at abd7b5fa903cf79f4fdce7a401473a1d4ace152c · openemr/openemr · GitHub

Sounds like you are out of date with templates and core twig classes either src/Common/Twig/…, src/Core/TwigExtension.php or both.
I ran into when I ported portal back to v6 production. I’m pretty sure this was issue. Still open new issue to track…

I actually found that it worked when I changed $this->kernel->isDev() to $this->kernel->isDev.

I’m using the most recent status of OpenEMR6.0, pulling the most recent code from rel-600.

Looking at the code link that Stephen submitted, my solution probably always returns false.

@adunsulag @sjpadgett

I’ve tried checkout Kernel.php, src/Common/Twig/, and TwigExtension.php from master and I am still running into issues with getting errors. I’m wondering if maybe I am not using the most up-to-date composer file? Has anyone gotten this to work with re-600?


Sorry @growlingflea it looks like the isDev stuff is in the master branch. Its not in the rel-600 branches. Changing the line to isDev will always return false since isDev doesn’t exist on the object in the rel-600 branches.

It looks like we’ll need to adjust the skeleton module package so it has a version compatible with the rel-600 branches, at least until we hit a rel-700.

As I said. Port the correct classes back to v6.
They will be in next patch.

So after some troubleshooting I have found the following so far that seems to fix the issue of this module not working on rel-600. I’m sure there are more changes that will be brought in with the patch, but this is what I’ve done. The last step fixes issues related to getting the Administration->Globals to work. I’m sure the more I tool around with this I will find other issues. I will add updates as I find them.

To get the module oe-module-custom-skeleton to work in rel-600
From master I checked-out

More updates to come when I learn more.

Most likely all you need but still this needs to be in its own thread. Please open new thread and maybe @robert.down would be so kind to move this discussion to the new thread for us.

Trying to keep this thread on topic.

I added a comment to the discussion on YouTube.