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OpenEMR is participating in Google Summer of Code 2020!

OpenEMR has been accepted as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2020!

Applicants, please use the following thread to introduce yourself:
Meet the Community and Introduce Yourself

We have a page here with some project ideas:

Forums threads for each project idea can be found here:
(feel free to create your own threads with other project ideas)

For a successful application, try to fix bugs or issues or participate in code reviews. These are great ways to jump start your OpenEMR knowledge, begin to participate in the community, and show off your skills. And don’t worry about being wrong or making mistakes when participating and learning about OpenEMR; the community values passion more than skills since we are confident your skills will improve. Work on your proposal early on and feel free to submit your draft proposal to the mentors at any time for feedback.