OpenEMR Easy Docker Development Environment Video Series is now available

Recently released several videos that show how to use the OpenEMR Easy Docker Development Environment. The goal of this development environment is to get new OpenEMR developers up and running as quick as possible while also supporting advanced OpenEMR developers to make their lives as easy as possible (at least what is related to OpenEMR development :slight_smile: ). So far there are 4 videos which cover core stuff and will plan to create more videos over time.

Introduction, Setup and First Pull Request:

Create Random Patients:

Resetting and Demo Data:

Snapshots and Capsules:


Just added video 5 to the series:

git Use and Tips

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customize bash shell

customize git config

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Just added video 6 to the series:

OpenEMR Coding with VS Code and Xdebug

Just added video 7 to the series:

Advanced OpenEMR Coding with VS Code and Xdebug

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