Dummy Data for a new Installation

I have found the “example” scripts in the sql directory.
Do they create the same data as is present in the online demo ?
I was wanting to recreate the online demo in my new installation, and tried using the “backup” command from the “admin” menu. However I got a “gateway timeout” before the system could offer my download.
What is the fastest way to create a dummy database that can demonstrate insurance billing.

there’s not much billing data in the online demo data

you could try adjusting your php settings so the backup doesn’t time out

edit: oh I see, the online backup isn’t working

you can checkout the easy dev docker creation, there’s even youtube vids for that now!

I have been asked to understand the insurance billing capabilities of the system. I’d like to get a dummy database that has enough patents, providers, etc. so that it is easy for me to experiment with the billing capabilities as they exist now. If I start with the version in the docker instance, will be able to obtain enough dummy data so I WILL be able to generate a bill without entering it all manually ?

@dan -
The online demos with demo data (for example, the alternate Demo (Alpine 3.15 - uses php 7.4) at https://one.openemr.io/c/openemr ) has 2 patients with complete configuration and adequate data to do the billing workflows.

Billing of claims depends on having the EMR set up with the correct insurance information, then an encounter form must be made containing the treatment codes, diagnoses etc that are being billed for.

You can refer to the wiki for the billing workflows themselves. The workflows for the whole thing are covered in:

Feel free to ask any questions that may come up!
Best- Harley

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gotta add an x12 partner and link it to aekna some day :slight_smile:

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Yes, you’re right, @stephenwaite the x12 partner is missing, but for @dan 's benefit, that doesn’t prevent the user from completing the billing workflows, it just generates an error when the claim is validated. So… don’t try to submit the claim… :slight_smile:
And if you want to avoid that, you can fabricate the x12 identifiers and create one; see the section ‘X12 Partners’ at this link:

The wiki does have a lot of info about the billing workflows; take a look here. Many of the older documents still apply.


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