Does OpenEMR has a good test dataset that I can download?

Is there a sample dataset used by developers for testing or demo that I can download? I like to evaluate Open EMR and having some good data will help a lot.

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I too need help on this please share

hi @AyeshaMuss and @pfnl - I don’t know if this helps but the following documents demonstration possibilities

in particular scroll down to the sections starting ‘Demo’ and you’l find links to demonstration systems that you can log into and play with.

Hi Folks-

The demos have complete demo data for 2 patients which should be enough to get a picture of how OpenEMR works in most situations.

But if you need a larger set of patients, as far as dummy data generation goes, I have heard of 2 options. One is pretty involved and I don’t know anything about it from personal experience; the other is pretty old and only produces a limited dataset.

To quote Brady Miller from here

‘There’s also a more recent data generator here:
GitHub - openemr/demo-data-generator: Generate fictional demo data for testing of OpenEMR 13’

But that’s the one I don’t know anything about.

Then there’s a nifty little application written quite a while ago by Art Eaton for Win 95 or 98? But it runs fine on linux under wine. Its current use is limited to creating demographics data- actually it generates insurance data also but OpenEMR changed the structure of its database when it moved into v 5.0 (I think) so the insurance data don’t fit any more. But you can simply decline to generate insurance data and crank out demographics. Or if you’re good reading and manipulating .sql files you can change the couple of columns that need it and use the whole dataset.

PrintaPatient_A5 can still be found in the OpenEMR wiki at:

It’s v simple to run, just select the types of data you want and how many patient records you want. It generates a MySQL file which must be imported into the data base so you’ll need to install phpMyAdmin or Adminer on the same system as the OpenEMR instance.

Good luck!


the demos with data are built by upgrading this file and there’s also a really cool way to import with synthea in the easy dev enviro that Brady also built for us and has recently created an instructional video series :slight_smile: