New Portal Features

I have recently redone the portal templating system

The first major change is I’ve removed managing the templates from the file system which are all now managed in a table.
This has made it much easier to move and edit the templates .

Several new features include the ability to send one or more templates to one or more patients from the repository as well as change the category for installed templates. Another new feature is the ability to upload a PDF and attach it to a template similar to LBF. The PDF Is maintained similar to a template within the template management system. The primary purpose of this feature is to allow users to send a PDF to the patient so they can read and acknowledge they have read the PDF and then sign.

This new release allows the user to upload more than one template at a time to one or more locations.
Another important change is that I’ve added the ability to pop up the editor in a window as well as the dialog currently installed. This is so a user can edit more than one template at a time and also gives more editing space.

For template management, I’ve added a new UI table specifically for a repository of templates and gave patients their own UI table for any template sent specifically for an individual patient. With a third table dedicated to templates sent to all patients.

I’m probably forgetting some stuff but my purpose here is I’m seeking anyone that may wish to test this new feature. The current plan is to create a separate upgrade and install for V6. Testing, for now, you’ll be required to reupload your templates from current locations.

Pdf in portal:

Here are some shots of the new editors that feature drag & drop template directives. New dialog:

And window pop outs for multi template edits:

Restyle default Insurance

And the Template UI

For those that like this sort of thing, here’s the PR

Other portal references:


Thank you for developing this portal! This is very helpful.

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Just thinking but maybe could use an image as background then place directives as overlay.

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Another PR for swapping out current editor for ckeditor in Chat and Secure mail

Next will be where user can create Profiles of templates to send to portal as a group. See this PR for example screenshots.


I’ve created a patch to install the new portal features on v6 production.
The only caveat is that you must re upload your templates from the on site portal directory on the file system. This is because the new template management system no longer uses the file system and are stored in table. I’m kind of excited to get your folks opinion and suggestions on document management from the patient side of the portal and the audit review by administrators.

It is my hope that the next major improvement to the templates, document management, will be building templates with a drag and drop form builder. This would also be included in encounters as a companion to LBF for building encounter forms.

Another feature will be the capability of sending a profile of templates from demographics. Thus the profile builder included in this patch.

The major improvements included in this patch are as follows:

  • Profile and Categories are created in Lists Document Template Profiles and Document Template Categories.
  • New Scope toolbar of actions that template disposal acts on.
  • Subdivision of locations: Repository; a template storage area from where all templates are assigned. Send Profiles; all current profiles from builder. All Patients; templates that are default and seen in all patient portals and Patient Assigned Templates; templates sent to individual patients for their eyes only.
  • New Profile builder dialog featuring drag and drop for assigning templates from repository to named profiles.
  • The patient select pull down has been renamed to Locations which is now searchable and can multi select for easier template sending and uploading.
  • Uploading template files now allow multi file selection.
  • There are now two ways to edit templates, dialog or pop up window. The popup window will allow editing more than one template at a time for convenience ang gives a larger editing view.
  • Editor now has a list of directive(tags, replacement) column to drag and drop directives into template in editor. Very handy.
  • Multi selection of templates and Profiles from Repository, Profiles table for sending to multi Locations.

Probably more I’m forgetting.
I plan to do a how to video on these new features soon. I will post here and on the wiki when done.
Good portaling!:slight_smile:

Profile list creation:


Pop up editor:

Profile builder:


If you go down this route, can you ensure the background image is a setting that can be toggled to improve flexibility of the UI?

Maybe if I go to ckeditor 5 which requires a refactor of existing ckeditor 4 use in core.
I played with background images in v4 and found it would be to confusing to most users so, kind of dropped idea for now.

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