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Patient Documents for portal and staff rework

I’ve reworked the portal documents workflow to be easier to use and added a canned help/instruction template. The new Help.tpl is available as a global or per patient help and is used in the same way normal templates are used except, there is no disposal action available.

What this means is that one can markup the help and brand to their needs. Also possible to send individualized help to individual patients that may explain particular forms or form category(coming soon, categories of forms).
The patient document home page will now always show the new help. This is the default version for production:

Note that all pending/required documents now are in a sidebar. Also by default, document history is hidden and managed by the new History button in form edit actions bar.

Here’s a sample LBF with various ways to sign form:

And an example charted form from history:

Anyway, I think this change is much cleaner and more user friendly. Feedback is encouraged while i’m poking around this feature.

Some changes to Dashboard Audit will include rejecting changes with comments to patient, soft delete of audits/documents and maybe a goldstar popup alert to brighten the users day!:slight_smile:


Just to add that patients can fill and sign forms from front desk or exam from demographics Documents.
One could bring up the document template on a tablet then hand to patient.

Notice: For the History form in portal(or any LBF that has code popups) you need to use the Exclude in Portal option for any diagnosis codes.

Here’s categories which get setup in Dashboard where categories are set in a Document Template Categories List.

I know this is boring everyone but, maybe will help document later plus, I think this is cool so, there!:slight_smile:

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Move Patient Documents into portal Home page plus can also pop out full screen if wanted.

If i’d spend a week on nothing but template parser and better integration of LBF, this could turn out really nice. But, back to CCDA tomorrow! :sweat:

New Portal Dashboard Template Management: