Moving data from Practice Director EHR to OpenEMR

I seek guidance in migrating patient data and records From Practice Director EHR to OpenEMR. If anybody has experience with this I love to talk with them.

Hello @shreevan welcome to the OpenEMR community and this forum!
Unless Practice Director EHR is built to export its data in the precise format used by OpenEMR, you are looking at a fair amount of work.

The general process involved in transferring data from one EMR to another is to export the data from the source EHR, convert it to a format OpenEMR can read, then import it to OpenEMR. The most difficult part of all that is transforming the data to OpenEMR’s database format.

This is a very common task for new OpenEMR users coming from another EMR, and many people have asked your same question on this forum. Here’s a search query I ran on that topic; you can enter ‘data migration’ into the search tool at the top of this screen and find many ideas.


Here are some of the ones I thought were most relevant.
Good luck in your search and feel free to come back to this forum with any questions you may have!
Best- Harley