Migration of data from 6.0.0 to 7.0.0 possible?

Hello community,
I am mousling, an IT admin who “inherited” an elderly openemr installation from a former colleague. As the 6.0.0 installation is currently having some security issues on our site, I am searching for a solution to quickly and smoothly fix these issues. Currently openemr 6.0.0 is running on windows with Xampp 8.1.2.
My idea is now to install a new machine with the current version of xampp and openemr 7.0.0 and migrate the data from the old installation.
Is this possible or am I thinking to simple and more steps have to be taken?
This is no productive installation, it is only used for demonstrating and teaching purposes.

Thanks to all! Mousling.

Hello @F.Mousling welcome to the community!
Migrating data between servers is a topic that is frequently discussed in this forum.
The process has many aspects to consider so needs research to be sure you have them all covered. One may research other users’ enquiries into the topic by searching the forum posts with the magnifying glass at the top right of the forum screen of the browser.


I searched on ‘migrate data’ and found many results; two of which appear useful:

You might try other searches on variants of that term to see if you find posts more directly related to your situation.

Good luck, and welcome to the community!
Best- Harley

@F.Mousling , I was in a situation similar to yours not long ago. I had to update the database from oemr 5.0 to 7. I was on a linux server but the process is probably similar.

THe old oemr was on a virtual server so i made a spare copy of that VM before i stated just in case. Then i followed upgrade instructions for the software and database from here:

Basically i went through each upgrade from 5.0 up to 7. Then I did a mysql dump on the database and moved it over to the new server. The instructions say to do each upgrade, which is what i did. But i will say this. The script for upgrading the database to 7 had the option to upgrade from all previous version directly to 7. I didn’t do this. It might work. I’d only try this if you are comfortable making a back up of the database in case things went horribly wrong.