Exporting to simplepractice.com from v 4.2.0

Hello- my client wants to export from our very old version of openemr to migrate to simplepractice.com. Is this easy to do? Does my old version (4.2.0) cause a problem in this regard

And what is the general view on simplepractice.com

Thanks very much

Secondary note

Actually I also need to keep the openemr system working while I set up simplepractice on a new computer

So today I did download openemr onto a new computer and saw the program working. I then managed to get a massive csv export file “local host.csv”) from my old system. Seems to be all the data, though I will have to figure out which tables go where? Or is it somehow a format that the new openemr can parse and stick in all the proper places?


hello? any help here? thanks

hi @leongruenbaum it should be fairly easy to import pt demographics into simplepractice.com if you can get some advice from them on what that involves. It gets more techinical to export and import the other clinical information.

Thanks very much - I’ll follow up with simplepractice

Btw, have you heard anything good/bad about simplepractice?

Also - one more thing: for the time being I am trying to migrate from 4.0.2 to the present version on a new computer, as I mentioned. Actually since I wrote the earlier note I do have what I believe is a dump of the entire database as An .sql file. Is it possible to just ingest that into new database? I could just find the files and wholesale replace the new database structure that comes w openemr, but I’m afraid to mess something up. Seems like some sort of insert commands would be better

And if I have to do it piecemeal, which tables correspond to the information I most need

  • demographics
  • insurance companies
  • codes

Anything else critical I’m not thinking of

I don’t even think my client needs the history of visits

Thanks again for any help you can give

Has your client indicated why they are wanting to move to SimplePractice? I had a client on SimplePractice but for the large number of therapists and multiple clinics they managed it didn’t meet their needs (they had 120 therapists).

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Thanks for your response

Yes- well first of all, my client really has very few patients. She’s just a one person shop. On a regular basis probably she sees fewer than 15-20 patients

But more importantly, she is not good about tracking whether she has been paid for visits, and we want to do everything electronically, so she can see the EFT’s etc and really know what is happening. Also- she is using “post’n’track”, which though free, doesn’t do BC/BS, so she doesnt even use openemr for those and they account for a decent chunk of her clients

all of that electronic billing/posting and tracking is easily done with OpenEMR

Hmm- well just to explain. And possibly we are way behind the times over here(!)

But Her current process is to use openemr to create x12 files , and then upload them to Post’n’track, which submits them to the insurance companies (but not BC/BS, which she handwrites and faxes(!) in). She then receives paper checks

My understanding of simplepractice is that you submit to them and they send to all the insurance companies, and you will see how much and for what you are paid automatically. Plus has a calendar integrated with televisits etc . You can get peoples credit cards and charge to them etc

I mean, in order to be paid electronically with openemr and receive info about which visit it’s for etc, would we need to sign up individually with each insurance company? I feel like simple practice is one stop shopping in that regard


There’s an OpenEMR Telehealth module that’s integrated with the calendar and billing can sync with sftp X12 partner(s) now for claim submissions.

Plus there’s a core Sphere payment module that’s fully integrated for credit card processing.

Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. I own a clearinghouse and have a module that works in OpenEMR. I can certainly help your client get setup for all electronic claims out of the version of openEMR she is running. Being older she would have to manually upload her x12 files to my system but it can be done. Once then claims are in the system, I help the providers get enrolled into ERA files. These are called Electronic Remittance Advice files. This will tell her what amounts to expect on the checks. Sometimes during the ERA enrollment the payer has the provider enroll in EFT too. That also could be done in another way (maybe with credentialing).

Anyway, the ERA’s come back to my system and are then matched to the claim and human readable reports are created to help her find out what she needs to bill the patient.

I’m not sure what is all possible in your OpenEMR version but if you do decide to upgrade to the latest version, my module will automatically send claims to my service without a manual upload. You can also upload the ERA files back into OpenEmr to match payments and do full payment management.

Looking at the price of Simple Practice, to be able to do claims it starts at $69 a month for 10 claim filing and $0.25 after. My current pricing is much less for unlimited claims. and no hassle of trying to migrate over. I can also bundle telehealth with the claims if you need it.

Take a look at my website www.claimrev.com and here is a video demo of how everything works:
OpenEMR Lecture Series: Medical Billing Clearinghouse and Eligibility Verification in OpenEMR - YouTube