How to enable SMS service in OpenEMR

What SMS services are supported by OpenEMR? Based on the documentation on the wiki only Clickatell and TM4B are supported is this still true? Is twilio no longer supported?

I’m trying to set this up but not sure if the current info on the wiki is still valid.

I see Open EMR has:

  • SMS Gateway Username
  • SMS Gateway Password
  • SMS Gateway API Key

Clickatell only provides an app id and an API key which is why I’m looking for more info on how to get this working.

Also how would I test to see if it works?

I tried doing the steps outlined here but only got to step 2 because nothing else either doesn’t match up or is no longer accurate.

[Update]: After searching around the app I went to Miscellaneous > Batch Communication Tool and updated the SMS/Email Alert Settings with the proper information.

Email notifications are working but SMS still does not work.


I wrote a few modules for Clickatel API. The Clickatel website has some information. I will go through my code and upload what I have.

Install GitHub - openemr/oe-module-faxsms: Fax and SMS feature for OpenEMR
SMS text with ring central thread where I help Sherwin.
Module will not currently install with composer v2. Use v1…
I’d wait till patch 1 so you get newest stuff.

Hi. Please, could you describe step by step how to configure the notification by e-mail. I can’t get it to work. I have openemr 5.0.2 (5) installed in xampp with win 10. thanks

@mlobo4370 I use Mailgun for sending emails, it works great and no need to mess around with setting up your own email server etc.

Thank’s. I live in Argentina, and here the costs are very expensive. Do you know a way that email notification works using mercury server?. I have followed the wiki tutorial and managed to make mercury work, but I don’t know how to configure the openemr part to use mercury for sending notifications. I do not know if in the part of the mails I have to put the data of the gmail client that I use or another to use mercury. On the other hand, with the gmail data in globals / notifications, it sends the emails to the portal users. I do not know why it is so complicated. I don’t use sms because here it is extremely expensive. I will thank you if you can guide me.

Thanks for the module… but pardon my ignorance.
how do I install your module?
I “git cloned” it and “composed” it… but what do I move to the openemr directory? Should I have “composed” it in the openemr directory? Some basic instructions from you on the GitHub page would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
Mark Sarnov, MD

Welcome Mark,
There’s a readme in the openemr/ccdaservice directory.
I recommend using RC if using fax. Both SMS and Fax is more up to date.

Mark asked the same question I’ve been asking for over a year now, and it is still unanswered.

Your Oct 19 post mentions a “detailed how to” for your faxsms module would be posted soon on git
I can’t seem to locate it, please post a link.

David Martelle
The problem with a huge project and blog like this is, the info is there, but you have to search for it, and sometimes the key words are not what you expect.
Info on FAX SMS:

More discussion here: