V2.2.0 Fax/SMS Module Released

This release supports v6 with some bug fixes for faxing documents that will be in the first v6 patch.


This release mainly focuses on RingCentral OAuth2 login with a couple new features.

Getting this error while configuring this module:

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Class ‘OpenEMR\Modules\FaxSMS\Controllers\AppDispatch’ not found in C:\xampp_7.4\htdocs\oemr7\interface\modules\custom_modules\oe-module-faxsms-2.2.2\setup.php:17 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp_7.4\htdocs\oemr7\interface\modules\custom_modules\oe-module-faxsms-2.2.2\moduleConfig.php(12): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in C:\xampp_7.4\htdocs\oemr7\interface\modules\custom_modules\oe-module-faxsms-2.2.2\setup.php on line 17

NOTE: I’m trying to install this module on OpenEMR 7.0.0

Because server either doesn’t have mod-rewrite installed and running or rewrite is off in PHP ini.
Also the module you are trying to install hasn’t been tested on v7.0.0 and PHP8 and should not have let you install on v7.
So once rewrite is fixed you may run into PHP errors. Also remember that this module mostly relies on a Rest API interface so rewrite is essential.

If you fix please put up PR and I’ll get it in. RC worked pretty well on v6 so I’m hoping will on v7. I just fixed up Twilio SMS and am adding a EtherFAX option with searchable PDF and form recognizer for dataset options on fax disposal.

I plan new a new module release for next openemr release most likely in two weeks.

Is Ring Central working for SMS in v7.0.1 ?

I pulled RingCentral because of the crappy way they do turn ups and support!
I have also received zero support from the community for the module which I have spent many days developing and updating over the last few years. If I had had that support I may have put the effort into keeping and fixing RingCentral.

While this rant is not pointed at you David and I know you have supported OpenEMR over the years, it is instead to remind others reading this that an open source project as large as this one and requiring dedicated maintainers to try to keep up with all the dependencies, certifications, APIs plus offer features along the way also requires that same commitment from the community.

If I get enough support I can put RingCentral back by next patch. I put the time and effort into making SMS Fax module a core module and part of releases. OpenEMR receives no monies or tracks module use. It is simply provided as a benefit to the community.

Sorry David currently no RingCentral support as I pulled in v7.0.0 and offered Ether Fax to replace RingCentral fax. SMS is Twilio and I’m thinking of offering a new SMS/MMS vendor as a another choice to shop pricing.

You may see other reminders on the forum by me reminding OpenEMR users that we need sponsors and monthly donations so we can continue advancing the project and not to forget the support required for this forum

Sorry @sjpadgett I should have searched before asking. Looks like you had it working in v6. Thank you so much for your kindness and the great contributions!

Hi, I always appreciate your dedication to the project. I have donated in the past and will continue making more donation. Our clinic has been using RingCentral for a while and would love to see it integrate with OpenEMR if you’re still working on it.

I’ll consider putting back or putting in a separate module. I’ll think it over.

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We switched from Phone.com to Ring Central last year in anticipation of using the SMS/FAX module in 7.02 (we were still running 7.01 at the time) and we’re still hopeful that we can drum up enough support to get it back into project. BTW, we’ve had no issues/problems with R/C and the cost is about half what we were paying Phone.com.

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What will it take to convince you to put this back in? We refuse to give up all the work that you did to bring this module into production, not to mention ours. Switching phone systems to gain this functionality was a major evolution. So, is anyone else willing to join us to help make this happen?

I’d love to get it back in for you and it’s not about money, it’s about time, time and time!:slight_smile:
I don’t like RC because of the hoops they make developers jump. Plus, for the user, you have to do a turn up via RC portal dev account. Many, many user aren’t tech savvy to do this. This isn’t something I can automate or just have the user enter their credentials and start using. Too me, this defeats the purpose of having this in core modules.

As a project administrator and developer I have to be cognizant of what is best for the community on the whole. Remember us admins have to support our core modules forever more and if the community isn’t using or supporting a module, then it needs to go.

So, I hope you can understand why I choose to remove RC and opt for an easier fax/sms implementation. If I can finally get freed up after doing patch and follow ups on it then I will make an effort to reintroduce RC as one of our core module solutions.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I get where you’re coming from and I’m certain I am not alone when I say “we” appreciate your efforts and wish you continued success in all your endeavors. We will say our prayers while we patiently await further developments.

I’m looking into what it would take to add RC as separate module. If can get done rather quickly i’m going ahead.

That is such good news for us to hear we cannot thank you enough.

We will support your efforts in any way you need, testing, funding, whatever it takes.

That would be so greatly appreciated. Since we can’t thank you enough, I’d like to offer to write the wiki documentation in addition to a monetary contribution.


Okay. Who is going to sign up with me to be the Guinea pig and let me test RC against their account or install updated faxsms module in a couple days?
I still haven’t received an answer to my question if anyone is also using SMS.

I hope you folks don’t leave me hanging here as I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this project.

@sjpadgett just saw this and would love to work with you to test it out if you are still looking for a helper.

Hey Bo,
I’m having to open a production account for sms and fax. You can no longer test sms from sandbox and you must pay to sign up for vetting of sms usage. Even delete fax has to have special permissions from RC.
It’s going to cost me at least 100.00 plus they make you pay 14.00/month for testing from portal in sandbox but a you can do is fax to yourself and that’s it.

Anyway, do you have a RC production account you can use to test?

Hi Jerry,
Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. You can use our RC account for the fax. We don’t use RC for the SMS though. I’m going to look into it and see if we can just turn the SMS on.

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