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How do I locate contrib/?

Please help!

I installed openemr 5.0.2 appliance in my MacBook pro. I want to install SNOMED rf2 but I could not get where exactly is contrib/ location?

I am very much a beginner with zero programming knowledge but I am trying my best to learn. I appreciate any help.

It’s a subfolder of openemr. Think you’ll have to get into your virtual machine and find the /var/www directory

thanks a lot, Is the link above works also for mac?

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I could not find www in var? What can I do?

I am a learner, sorry to trouble. could you tell me please

Are you using xampp? How did you install openemr?

If xampp, use your file explorer to open xampp folder, open htdocs folder, open openemr folder.

Inside the openemr folder you’ll see another folder called contrib. Within contrib there is a folder called snomed. Put the zip files there. I’m on windows and my folder path looks like this:

I did not find any installation files for mac so I proceeded with using OpenEMR Appliance to use with VirtualBox.

If I am taking the wrong way, could you please tell me what I should do?

So you loaded the premade virtual machine in virtual box or did you set it up with docker?

You’ll need to look in the file system of the virtual machine, not your host machine(the mac)

I loaded the premade OpenEMR appliance into the virtual box.

Yea I get that I need to look at the file system but I am not sure how, It is that I just to need to copy the SNOMED rf2 files from host computer into the virtual machine’s contrib folder.

Hello all, please help. I am a complete beginner with no knowledge of programming but I can do with some guidance.

I have a MacBook pro and I want to use opener with SNOMED for my thesis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am in great need. Thanks a lot

getting into the file system of virtual machine is the biggest task here, I could not follow the instructions there. I feel its not so clear. could you please tell me how does it go?

You may find some of the videos on the youtube channel helpful.

Does your virtual machine have firefox, a web browser in it? You can use it to download the files inside the virtual machine. Then you just copy it from the downloads folder to the contrib folder.

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No, it is a ubuntu command line, I don’t have much idea to work on it.

hi @Naveen_Moses, checkout @jesdynf’s nice doc

Hi the video in youtube to instal through VirtualBox and ubuntu was a big time help and I could do it as you did, I found that to be openemr 5.0.3 devops, when i go to administration > coding > external dataloads > the SNOMED option is not popping down to extract the file to use! The SNOMED button remains dumb without any reaction. Can I use openemr 5.0.2 in the same installation procedure as in the youtube video? will go go smooth?

What version of snomed did you download?

Did you unzip the zip file? I think you’re supposed to leave it as a .zip

It was a biannual version of snomed, sept 2019. I pasted the zip file in the contrib folder but the thing is when I go to administration>external data loads the buttons there ICD9, ICD10, RXNORM, SNOMED, CQM_VALUESET are not working, if i click them nothing happens. It worked in the openemr version 5.0.2 but the buttons are not expanding in this.

Thank you so much for your time and letting me know. It would be a great help if you could tell me a solution for this.

Interesting. I believe the interface for adding snomed, rxnorm, etc. changed from version 5.0.2 to 5.0.3.

Can you attach a screenshot of the version shown in the about tab of your OpenEMR installation?

Here is the about screenshot:

I then followed another video and started to install opener 5.0.2 with apache server following this video tutorial:

Everything got installed properly but in the external data loads > icd or snomed when i click install they rotate for hours and hours without installing. What could be the problem? I waited, knowing it takes time but it doesn’t get installed. Could there be any problems with php.ini… or any other problem? Here are the screenshots:

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 14.07.05

I have changed it and I think I have restarted my apache server also but the problem remains the same.

Where can I see the existing problems in php.ini?