X12 ISA segment availity claims


Hate to revive this thread, but I am uploading x12 claims to Availity clearinghouse manually via FTP, but I am getting this error:

File Status: REJECTED
Interchange Status: The Transmitted Interchange Control Structure Header and Trailer are Rejected Because of Errors.
Interchange Note: Invalid Interchange Control Number Value

I did upgrade to version 7 patch 1 of openemr


hi @gutiersa can you paste the ISA segment here please?

It’s that first segment that appears to be having an issue.

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Here is my ISA segment:

ISA*00*          *00*  *ZZ*AV09311993     *01*030240928      *030911*1220926*1113*^*00501*000298316*1*P*:~

I am waiting for a call back from Availity.



ok, thanks, you can ask them if that 01 after the AV09311993 should be another ZZ

edit: there’s somethimg messed up there in addition to that since the date field at the end has a leading 1


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Hmm, yes, I see that now. I wonder if that is the problem in the first place

Let me remove that 1 and resubmit.

So with this ISA segment:

*ZZ*AV09311993     *01*030240928      *030911*220926*1113*^*00501*000298316*1*P*:~

I still get rejected with this error:

1E - Availity does not recognize the interchange data starting at position 0 as 


right, the 030911 is a dummy date from the X12 generator and shouldn’t be there

Should I try this:

*ZZ*AV09311993     *01*030240928      **220926*1113*^*00501*000298316*1*P*:~


no, should try to debug what’s going on

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do you have the insurance company pointing to this X12 partner?

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Here is the most current companion guide. Requirements table start at page 53


Yes, insurance company is pointing to availity

performed a test @ OpenEMR Login and it’s downloading what appears to be a valid ISA so there most likely is a setting in either the insurance company or X12 partner

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This is what I have for the X12 partner:

For the insurance company, I only have a payer ID

not sure, can’t reproduce on OpenEMR Login either

do you have any special Billing Globals set?

No, I have not really modified anything.
where is the file located? I want to compare it to the one in the openemr-7…zip

Wait a minute. I know what the problem is. I only installed the patch, not version 7. I did the upgrade wrong. That is what is happening.

Sorry. I will fix it and let you know

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Hello, so I have upgraded, following the instructions here:


and here:


Then patched, following the instructions here:


However, I am still getting the incorrect ISA segment:

ISA*00*          *00*  *ZZ*AV09311993     *01*030240928      *030911*1220928*0944*^*00501*000197922*1*P*:~

I did a search of the database for 030911 but nothing came up.
I doubt this is related to the insurance company. It’s the ISA segment, no patient data is included here, therefore, no insurance info should be here.
It must be from my general settings somewhere, or from my database.

Incidentally, I may have found an inconsistency in the upgrade instructions. I created a new thread here:


ok but I can’t reproduce on the demos so not sure how can help here

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Yes, I do understand!
I wonder the significance of 030911
Do you know what is supposed to go in that spot? I am not very familiar with the ISA segment.
I did try the demo and I do see the differences, but I am drawing a blank with troubleshooting.

Thanks for your help

030911 is the dummy data in the X125010837P.php class file

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