Weno Exchange Installation

Im looking to use a eprescribe on my openemr setup. I would like to try Weno Exchange, are the instructions on the website https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/OpenEMR_ePrescribe#Weno_Exchange
Still current? IM seeing all kinds of information in the forums so im not sure what is still true or not.

Hi @Mr_Clay

weno can be integrated with openemr.

The steps provided in the wiki are the reliable ones.

For more clarification and reference the below conversation may help you.


Hello @Mr_Clay-
I tried to register a customer with weno a couple weeks ago and at that time, according to @juggernautsei Sherwin Gaddis who supports weno in OpenEMR, the weno organization is making some code revisions so is out of circulation and is not taking new subscriptions til some time in January 2021.
You might check with him for the latest information.
Best- Harley

@htuck is correct
Here is our current new interface status

@juggernautsei is this patch already available into latest OpenEMR

There is an update to Weno that will superseded what I posted here. It is located on Weno’s dashboard. It is in code review now. I don’t know if it will make the next patch. That is @brady.miller question.

I am no longer the developer on this feature. @msove is the team that is the builder of the current feature set. Continuing the work that was to what is to come.