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Hello all,

I have been looking at the e-prescribing features allscript, weno and Newcrop. Do they only function in the USA? Are you aware of any solutions outside of the USA?

Any information is appreciated?

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Hi @mackenj,

I’m sure @juggernautsei (one of our vendors who is very experienced with this) would be able to answer better, but my understanding is there isn’t much OpenEMR documentation or code to find for e-prescription APIs outside of the US.

However, given that OpenEMR is open source, you could wire up your own integration with some intermediate coding skills.


Hello Matthew,

Thank you for your reply. Could you please point me in the right direction regarding the coding involved, so I can begin to look at it and try and to figure it out?

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The Weno eRx only works in the US. I can ask the developers and owner to see if it can work in other countries.

Thank you. That would be great.

Weno will work in any country is the short answer.

Great. Thank you

Am I correct in believing that Weno is not available yet?

hi @mackenj ,
Weno is in the development codebase now and will be in the OpenEMR 5.0.1 release, which is planned to be released this weekend.

Hi, new user here, trying to get set up asap before practice fusion goes pay model.

I’m trying to get setup with weno, but the wiki page about it only has a 2 page paper application which doesn’t say where to send it, and a link that doesn’t go to the intended location.

How do I get an application started? I’ll keep looking, and edit this post if I find it.

hi @QUC, tagging @juggernautsei who knows best

Sent an email to weno and got an email back from Tina at wenohealthcare.com. Turns out there is a $500 setup fee, no montly cost. Looks like Allscripts costs $29 per month, no setup. Anyone know the cost for NewCrop? The pricing link on their website is broken.

Do all the different options work right now? I’ve seen references to allscripts having problems, not sure what’s current for what option right now.

hi @QUC ,

I was under the impression WENO was free. @juggernautsei , thoughts on this?

A recent rough estimate cost I received from ZH Healthcare for Newcrop was about $60 per provider per month.

I think Allscripts script was recently fixed, but haven’t heard recently if it works still.


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Hi Brady,

This is what I got in email this morning from Tina Goodman:

Hi Dave,
Yes, you will find this works with OpenEMR. There is a $500 sign on - one time fee. This fee includes all you need to ePrescribe. In addition, your EHR has opportunity to earn incentives.

Our certification/onboarding time is very streamlined and easy. …

Tina Goodman
Weno Exchange LLC

Tina Goodman is a separate entity from Sherwin Gaddis.
She is most likely thinking that you want to integrate Weno into an application. So the price she gave you is to do your own setup direct with Weno.

If you had contacted me to use the Weno integration that is already in place inside OEMR, it is free.

Let me know if you need more information.

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Thank you for the information. Can you please advise how to set up Weno and make it work for countries outside the USA?
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The original design did not take into account outside the USA (obviously). However, there has been a number of issues to arise and this will be added to the list of things to solve.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Thank you


We haven’t signed anything with Tina yet. Can you give me or point me to any info on how to proceed with the completely free solution? How long does it take to set up? I’m not international, I’m in Michingan. Sorry for hijacking the thread, it was the latest posting I could find about weno.

No worries on highjacking the thread. I appreciate the effort of everyone working on OpenEMR…it is great to see people come together to solve important issues.