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Thank you for the information. I will inform the pharmacies. As always, I appreciate your help.

(A) #22

Sherwin, hoping you can help.
I set up Weno with OpenEMR and spoke to Rite Aid about sending a test prescription to see if it works.

But when I click “transmit” I get this: Weno Exchange LLC|2018-12-23|17:28:04.00672Z|||900|Transaction rejected - invalid message
Tried again: Weno Exchange LLC|2018-12-23|17:40:01.68933Z|||900|Transaction rejected - invalid message

Can you help?
Thank you!

(Sherwin Gaddis) #23

The common things that go wrong are

Pharmacy MUST have NCPDPID number
Zip code can ONLY be 5 digits
Pharmacy MUST have fax number
Pharmacy MUST have phone number.

It looks like the pharmacy phone number is missing from your prescription.

is this your pharmacy?

<StoreName>RITE AID-408 N. MORGAN</StoreName>
<Number>Missing Phone number here</Number>

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The fax number wasn’t included, I guess I need to call Rite Aid to ask for their fax.
That isn’t the pharmacy though, NCPDP was 3383471

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Still didn’t work.
When submitting got this message:
Weno Exchange LLC|2018-12-25|01:27:20.88730Z|001|Transaction successful||

But when calling the pharmacy they said they didn’t get it.
Can you help?
Thank you.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #28

Sure, I’ll get the this over to research and get back to you with a reply. Can you share with me the Pharmacy and the drug that was ordered so I can find it in our system?

There are often times that because the first transaction is sent via fax. Pharmacies often report the script as they didn’t get it.

(A) #29

The pharmacy was a Rite Aid with NCPDP 3383471
Test prescription was for amoxicillin
Thank you

(Sherwin Gaddis) #30

About how many prescriptions have you sent to this pharmacy?
I have 12 messages that have been sent to this pharmacy NPI. The messages started 12-23-18.

The one for asprin with the patient name of Phil. Wouldn’t make it to the pharmacy because the phone and fax are all zeros


Please check phone and fax number and try again.

(A) #31

No that is not from me.
About 3 prescriptions were sent/resent. all the same for amoxicillin, and all for the same person as a test prescription. First name begins with M
Last time it was sent was I believe 12/24