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Weno eRx no longer requires registration

The weno system no longer requires a prescribers ID or Clinic ID. So, I need someone to test the system.

Here is all the information you need for any prescriber.

        Weno eRx Account ID : 137
  Weno eRx Account password : 7C84773D5063B20BC9E41636A091C6F17E9C1E34 

Enter this information in the Globals -> Connector -> Weno eRx Account ID.

Have the doctors prescribe the medication. It should go through to the pharmacy.

Let me know if it does or does not.

Since this announcement, there have been doctors that have successfully processed scripts.

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Our physician tried to submit his first prescription, but received the following error: Weno Exchange LLC|2018-05-22|15:30:08.05870Z|||900|Transaction rejected - invalid message

Okay. Prescription successfully submitted. Although I copied/pasted the information into OpenEMR, when I double-checked, the id and pass were different, but contained the same number of characters (3 for id and many for pass). I will keep an eye on this!

Tried sending a few prescriptions today but after hitting transmit the working circle rotates and never stops so there are no error messages. Not many pharmacies came through the Weno download. I suppose my area is new to Weno, but I am adding pharmacies asap and I am including NPI, NCPDP, and fax numbers and I checked our physician’s numbers and our Weno login data. Any ideas?

If you are getting the icon that is just spinning, that means that the java script it is not connecting to the server to pass the script.

If you right mouse click on the screen and go to inspect then select the console tab. It will tell what the java error. Please post a screenshot of the java console. Thank you.

Here’s the screenshot with console. We sent 2-3 prescriptions before the last patch that appeared to go through fine, although the Walmart tech was not too helpful.

I greatly appreciate your help!

Hmmm…not sure what happened but one of the office staff just sent a prescription! Yea! Thank you!


Glad to hear that it worked itself out.

I’ve just trying to use WENO. I’ve followed the setup procedures as described on Wiki.
When I sent the prescription to WENO, I have a respond back with this error message like the one above:

Select Pharmacy

Patient Default

Mail Order
CCS Medical 14255 49th Street, North, Clearwater, FL 33762

Send Complete - Prescription(s) Return Status

Weno Exchange LLC|2018-11-06|21:18:04.69582Z|||900|Transaction rejected - invalid message

What did I do wrong? I sent about 5 Rx with the same error message. Would you help me on this, Sherwin Gaddis?

Located your transmission and this is what is causing the errors.

NCPDPID is missing. Contact pharmacy to get number from them.

Zip Code can only be 5 digits.

These are the two corrections that are needed.

I updated both information and still have the returned error message. Would you look into this and let me know what might went wrong? Thank you.

Here’s the error message:

Send Complete - Prescription(s) Return Status

Weno Exchange LLC|2018-11-07|15:29:09.21069Z|||900|Transaction rejected - invalid message

Now my question to you are you using test data?

If you are it will fail every time.

The only testing you can do is with a real patient and a real pharmacy.

I don’t see any new messages with Jones DRUG INC. I only see the one from yesterday.

Can you send me a console screenshot?

Weno eRx no longer requires registration

Yes I was using real patient and it was a different patient from yesterday. The above was sent to Walgreens Store 06956 this morning. I have sent a few more prescriptions of different patients since this morning even they did not go through. I wanted to have those prescriptions log into system as electronically sent for legal purpose later.

Can you give me something else to search?
I tried the Walgreens. Too many matches.

What is the name of your practice, please?

Walgreens NCPDP: 130966

With that number I was able to find all your scripts. I tested all the messages and they all had the same error. Please see image below.

It is the facility zip code. I’ve changed it. I’ve sent a Rx and it has successfully transmitted.

Thank you very, very much for your help!

Have a great day!

I contacted the pharmacies and found out that they received fax prescriptions from WENO. They recommended to have the prescription send by eRX. They said that eRX will allow us to also send controlled substance meds directly since the eSignature can be sent and verified. With the fax system, we have to send in a fax with the provider signature for them to approve.

Is there a setup in OpenEMR to have WENO send eRX?

Another minor point is that the fax prescriptions did not have my DEA number on them. Is the DEA number stored at WENO and does not need to be shown on the fax , or my OpenEMR setup needs to change?

Apologies for my late response. If the pharmacy signs up for Weno Mail. The script will not have to go over fax but will be routed via eRX.