Translations locations

Hello !
I have installed OpenEMR on my Windows machine and I discover that the french translations are not complete.
Please, where exactly can I find the translations and improve them (by editing myself)?

Thank you!

Hi @Modoukpe, I am in the same situation here (translating to Italian).
I would like to share what I understand about the translation pipeline. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

There are two ways of customizing translation:

A) Local translation pipeline
With Administration->System->Language you can search and Edit definitions. Great! Simple and easy.
This is a very fast and effective approch, but translations remain on your machine: community does not benefit from your translation

B) Global translation pipeline
It would be like that:

Any help?

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@AndreaD thank you for this.
Sure, it will help me a lot.
I guess you are not able to access Administration–>others–>Databases cause you can’t find it.

Let’s keep on searching!!

hi @Modoukpe, that was the old link to phpmyadmin which was removed for security purposes so you just have to install it on your server for your own purposes.

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That’s great.
Thank you so much @stephenwaite
I think you find your answer now @AndreaD

for dockerized version, you can spin up a phpmyadmin docker and then connect it to the docker network like
docker network connect lightsail_default phpmyadmin


Thank you @stephenwaite. I need to study how to do it, but I understood the idea