Synology OpenEMR Installation "stuck" at Step 3 - : unable to connect to database as root

Hi there,
we have downloaded OpenEMR via Docker on a Synology NAS as a pre-production test server, installed Maria DB 10 and we have provided the credentials for root to the OpenEMR Setup Script, asking the script to “Have setup create the database” (see screenshots).

Unfortunately we get the error on the next screen “Step 3 - Creating Database and First User
Connecting to MySQL Server… ERROR. Check your login credentials. unable to connect to database as root”.

Can anyone give me some advice what I am doing wrong?

Nobody with any hint, please?

I don’t know anything about the specifics of your operating system but, is the root account prevented from login when not on the console? If so, you could create an additional user with root privileges and use this new user as the “root” user for the installation.

THank you, Peter. So if I do not misunderstand I will logon PHPMyAdmin and creare another user with all the privilidges required.

I understand you are not using a Synoloy, so it would really be helpful (if the above does not work) if other users who might have been succesfull comment here, ideally with some screenshots (@Garth_Muir , @Craig_Tucker )

Ideally, we could update in the OpenEMR Wiki by Craig Tucker here, as the instructions there are outdated (5 y old) (the DS 214 did not even have docker as an app, so it should be much easier now) : OpenEMR Installation on Synology DS214 + NAS - OpenEMR Project Wiki.

Happy for collaborating in that direction. Thanks

@ibkhayyat @brady.miller ,maybe you’d like to get involved as well?

I did exactly that.

Also, when trying to connect to the MariaDB vie IP:Port I always get: "The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. "

SO maybe there is an underlying reason. WOuld be great if someo ne could assist creating a guide for Synology NAS INstallation. Many users would benefit.

Thanks for all the help. I gave up on docker, it was too frustrating, and just created a virtual machine. Now everything works fine.

THank you very much anyways for all the responses.

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Hi @pubnea !

Were you able to connect to your database? I am trying to install OpenEMR on my NAS, without docker, directly on top of the linux operating system, but I have problems, please see this


No. I was not, in spite of all my efforts. Now, I do not have active programming skills, also no time to spend hours trying. So in the end I did as written here Synology OpenEMR Installation "stuck" at Step 3 - : unable to connect to database as root - #8 by pubnea