Recurrent billing option?

What is the easiest way to set up recurrent billing?

I have a membership based practice and need each patient to have a monthly charge.



This would also be useful for a population of patients getting Chronic disease support, as well, though when staff go through and do their monthly maintenance they could make a charge.

It looks to me as if there is no way to do subscription billing with OpenEMR- using an outside app would probably be easier.

This is a worthwhile ability though. I’ll ask MiSquared how much it would cost to deliver.

hi @tallmtt and @VWfeature, this seems like two similar but separate features based on whether an encounter was created and/or insurance is to be billed.

Good point.
In fact many US insurances and IPAs are now using capitation payments for primary care with or w/o visit copays. What’s happening in other countries? I know Britain (which has their own EMR) capitates primary care.
Is OpenEMR set up to manage capitation payments?
This would involve keeping a patient list based on payments for either insurance based or individuals.

One thing about capitation is the lack of a standard for delivery of the monthly payment file.

Usually an e-payment, I think.
It’s been a while, but I think these would be like a monthly EOB.

Big problem is, capitation varies by age and sex and payers have different age/sex capitations.
So thinking as a programmer, for each ins co, there would have to be a table with age ranges, at least 2 genders and PMPM payments.
Or one table with fields- ins co, start age, end age, pmpm payment

The subscription/DPC payments would just be another ‘insurance’

I was looking at Zelle, which unlike credit cards, charges you NOTHING. It integrates with the business’s bank account, and each payment gets listed individually. So keeping track of payments would just involve looking at the bank deposit list, which can probably be automated. So a solution can be cobbled together from other pieces.

To see if your bank or a prospective credit union participates look here–

There was a similar old discussion from 11/20.
I just discovered there are several
Open Source accounting packages that allow you to invoice patients including recurring periodic charges.


Apache OFBiz

Base Sunrise plan is free. They add charges if you add payroll or credit card payments
I think Sunrise suits my needs best, but others might find OFBiz more suitable. I’ll play with them and let you know.


There’s no need to reinvent the Wheel!!
Is anyone using an OS accounting/invoicing package they like?

(FYI-There was a credit card processor a few years back who was trying to get listed on your site because they’d gone to the trouble of integrating w OE; they weren’t allowed to and now are no longer in business.)

Also, there are credit card processors who charge substantially LESS than Square, PayPal, etc, and they can be found at

Saving a half a percent per transaction may be substantial $$. The big cost is still the Interchange fees, but paying 2.3% instead of 3% is money in your pocket. ($700 on $100,000 worth of payments)