Is there a forum/category to ask developers how much to add a feature?

There was a post asking about how to set up monthly billing for a subscription practice, which got no responses so I suppose it’s not set up .
This would also be handy for Chronic care management for US Medicare.

So two questions-

  1. Would it be useful to set up a category to ask people whether they’d be willing to subscribe to support a new feature?
  2. Would any developers/support outfits weigh in on what they think it would cost to set up periodic billing based on age?

Thanks for all you do to support OE!!

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I am in private practice with a fairly specific clientele base. In honor of PRIDE Month, I think an appropriate question would be how to go about adding additional choices for sex/orientation/gender/pronouns? If not I apologize. This if very new to me and am excited.

Our next major release will have all these details concerning gender types etc.

We desperately need donations to help us finish the release which we hope to be ONC/MU3 certified.
So we have taken in to consideration your concerns and would be grateful for your donation.

Thank you.

That is great. There are some word choices that are very important/significant to the LGBTQ+ community and as an Ally that provides services for them it is very important that what I use is most up to date. For example: “Birth Name” is now
“Legal Name”; Preferred Pronouns include: he/she/fae/ey/they/per/ve/xe/ze(zie). Stuff like that. If that makes sense. It can be quite confusing. I am continuing to learn. In addition, I am very technologically inept so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe if one of the board members put out a request for “how many users are interested in ONC/MU3 certification?”, they might get a response?
I got only two responses to my
“How many users are there out there?” survey. (Both said they were willing to pay for their needs.)

I would also suggest asking $100 per provider for early release (2021) and support on installation of the ONC release. (If they don’t want to pay, and are willing to wait, fine.)

(FWIW, I do not need ONC cert, since I’m a private pay no insurance model practice. I think OE will support my needs but I’m not sure yet. )

Two quotes summarize the situation OE is in:
“Free software is like free speech, not free beer.” “No Margin No Mission”
If the OE foundation creates an expectation that people actually using the software contribute either in coding, documentation or cash, that would support the mission better, and serve the needs of those using it too.
You have the bully pulpit.

Just my $0.02.

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