Query Error Discussed before looking for HELP

Can you post a screenshot of the billing manager page?

I removed all the key values for security. It goes to the cryptogen.php but it sees the value in the key table as null even though it isn’t null and so it tries to insert it again and throws the error.

Query Error

ERROR: query failed: INSERT INTO keys (name, value) VALUES (?, ?)

Error: Duplicate entry ‘sixa’ for key ‘name’

/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Crypto/CryptoGen.php at 434:sqlStatementNoLog
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Crypto/CryptoGen.php at 231:collectCryptoKey(six,a,database)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Crypto/CryptoGen.php at ???==,database,six)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Crypto/CryptoGen.php at 463:decryptStandard(???==,database)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Crypto/CryptoGen.php at 153:collectCryptoKey(six,a,drive)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Crypto/CryptoGen.php at 66:coreEncrypt(SHOW COLUMNS FROM x12_partners,drive,six)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Logging/EventAuditLogger.php at 742:encryptStandard(SHOW COLUMNS FROM x12_partners)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/Logging/EventAuditLogger.php at 644:recordLogItem(1,security-administration-select,EBH-admin-20,Default,SHOW COLUMNS FROM x12_partners,Security)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/library/ADODB_mysqli_log.php at 45:auditSQLEvent(SHOW COLUMNS FROM x12_partners,1,)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/vendor/adodb/adodb-php/drivers/adodb-mysqli.inc.php at 632:Execute(SHOW COLUMNS FROM x12_partners)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/src/Common/ORDataObject/ORDataObject.php at 114:MetaColumns(x12_partners)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/library/classes/X12Partner.class.php at 43:_load_enum(processing_format,)
/home/evolvebh/public_html/temr/interface/billing/billing_report.php at 109:__construct()

@stephenwaite. Should I contact a programmer? Do you have time to help me debug? If I should contact a professional, do you have any particular one that you think could solve this issue?

Hi @tjbarr,

Can you please remove below two file and do the process again


She’s already has done all of that. Re read the threads concerning this issue.

@tjbarr Sent you a PM.

happy to report to everyone following this issue and other related issues like Query Error ERROR: query failed: INSERT INTO `keys` (`name`, `value`) VALUES (?, ?) - Error: Duplicate entry ‘sixa’ for key ‘name’
that it’s that villain of all villains, Admin->Logging->Audit Logging Select Query, guessing it either breaks some Smarty stuff behind the scenes or really big sql queries, so just turn it off.

Screenshot from 2021-09-14 17-58-04


@stephenwaite , Is this both 6.0.0 (it should be off by default in 6.0.0) and/or master? The problem is that MU3 will require this setting.
(MU3 actually requires that it is on by default)

good ? brady, just tested v6.0.0 to get this out asap but will hopefully get to more debugging on master

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You are AWESOME! I had to turn off the emergency query audit also for it to work. Thank You! Thank You! @stephenwaite @sjpadgett @juggernautsei