Query Error Discussed before looking for HELP

[Query Error ERROR: query failed: INSERT INTO keys ( name , value ) VALUES (?, ?) - Error: Duplicate entry ‘sixa’ for key ‘name’](https://community.open-emr.org/t/query-error-error-query-failed-insert-into-keys-name-value-values-error-duplicate-entry-sixa-for-key-name/

Any updates on the query error above? I can’t use Billing Manager, I can’t set up Office Ally and it is causing me much grief. I tried to update the collations and it worked for some but then it messed up the connection.

I know this is extreme but if I set up a new 6.0 with a blank database and transferred my records from my current database into the new one, do you think this would work? HELP!

No update, leaning toward collation issues during upgrade, you prob need professional support.

From my testing it seemed like commenting these 2 lines avoided the cryptogen call.

Will commenting out those lines hurt anything else?

No, most likely not used

I commented out those lines and still got the same error. Thanks anyway.
If I put a new install can I transfer the documents and data from my new database to the one that is created? Will it mess up keys?

Ok, thanks for trying. Not sure, would like to debug this b/c its interesting that it only affects practice settings and billing mgr.

Maybe it is the collation. I am getting a fresh copy of the database and going to do each table again.

Was the system working before the update?
What steps did you take to update collations?

As far as the database transfer, it depends on what you are transferring. Because in my opinion if you transfer everything from one to the other. You will transfer the problem to the new database. Sixa is the encryption key to my knowledge.

Every time you create a new database, a new set of encryption keys are created for that database.

Yes your right, if I tried to transfer from one to another I will have the same issue.

The part of the system that is broken now was working before the update.

I did the updates and the patch. I can’t find a logical explanation as to why it tries to add that new key.

What if I create the tables and then only transfer the data over?

Do this, run the sql_upgrade.php on your current database. Start at 5.0.2.

I am assuming you are using v6.0.0

Yes I am. I will try this.

I redid the upgrade and the patch and still the same problem.

Now run the sql_patch.php and let me know if the issue is still the same.

Ran the patch and still the same error. uuuugh. I don’t know what to do now.

I feel it is the database. I tried to create a new blank database but it keeps stalling when I try to run the setup with the setup creating the database. If I can get this to work can I transfer data without corrupting the new database.

Can you show me the page where the error is occurring and the steps to get to the error?

The original query error or the error creating the blank database?

The original error happened when you were doing what?

When I click on billing manager.