Practice Fusion Migration to OpenEMR

(Richard Burt) #1

I am a previous Practice fusion user, I have a full export with all my patient data but I have not been able to upload to open EMR. Can you help with how I can import patients notes?



(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #2

This process is problematic, as far as I can gather from this thread:

Usually migrating EMR databases is very difficult / nearly impossible (besides migrating some limited demographic information or PDF’s) … and for practical purposes for a small clinic … nearly impossible from a cost standpoint. The way we have migrated information from NextGen’s Office (formerly Healthfusion) EMR is by exporting to PDF’s and storing those in an archival database. Then, we would populate the data into the the new charts on OpenEMR for upcoming appointments by manually cutting and pasting critical information into the new system.

Practice Fusion also has an article that speaks to the many concerns you will inevitably run into as you migrate. They seem to suggest that they have something better, but there seem to be a number of issues remaining.

(Jerry P) #3

I have done this on a multi site AWS docker configuration of 6000+ patients with limited success using Care Coordination Module import CCDA.
What get created:

  • Encounters (minus notes and encounters need to be signed from PF)
  • Problem/Issues (snomeds are used instead of ICD)
  • Demographics (Will create new patient)
  • Medications
    Imported but placed in External as history:
  • External Providers
  • Procedures
  • Maybe some other things i’m not thinking about just now.

The biggest issue with import is that as the number of ccda’s imported grows, the system slows relatively because of the nature of the UI. I solved by creating a sql to purge the offending import history.
Once import is done then notes history or whatever chart log PF provides can be saved to patient documents. The CCDA is automatically saved on import.

I’d not necessarily recm doing 6000+ patients again but this is much better than creating from scratch. Oh yeah, physicians tend to be patient souls so, there is that. :slight_smile:

(Richard Burt) #4

Thanks for the information. I have tried multiple methods but all are unsuccessful. The full export from practice fusion is an excel file
With multiple sheets and all information is there even unsigned charts. I am currently working on a possible mapping form excel to sql or do in steps demographics first and then encounter data. Any ideas please share.
Richard Burt

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #5

Do you know how to create HL7/CCDA files? If you can do that, there is a way of importing those.
Do you or do you want to hire someone who take a delimited text file and PUT the records to the OpenEMR (MySQL) database?

(Richard Burt) #6

I am trying my best to create the CCDA files but I have not been successfull . Do you know someone who I can hire to help with the process?