Practice fusion data migrations

(Brady Miller) #1


We discussed this heavily at the conference call today.

There are 2 mechanisms to export data from practice fusion. The first is the CCDA export, which we have been told does not export all the data. And the second is a complete data dump from PF, which takes 4-6 weeks to process, however we don’t know what that looks like.

We are trying to find out:

  1. What does the complete data dump from PF look like (we had reports several years ago that the demographics was in csv form and then all the clinical data was in pdf form, which is hopefully still not the case)?
  2. If any folks have done this migration?
  3. If any vendors/professionals have done this migration and/or are offering this migration as a service?


Practice Fusion Migration to OpenEMR
(Alexandre Slatkin) #2

Hi, this is Alex Slatkin, new on openemr.
I first installed the openemr on my desk computer. I entered some of the practice information. Now I realize that I when I install the program in my office computer, I can’t access the data of the other one. In fact I can even use the same login, username and password. So, the data is stored in the computer not a cloud type restore, correct? Next is i backed up the data using the backup, dumping openemr database. The question is how do I restore? Can I restore the data into the other computer?
Is there any way where I can utilize three computers, my laptop, home computer and office computer and be able to login with the same username and password?
Thank you for any help,

(Jerry P) #3

I actually had started looking into this Friday last with intentions of doing a migration procedure. Demo’s are csv and i’m not sure about PDF however, PDF’s can be parsed(depends on format). It should not take weeks to get an off site backup so that bares an investigation. I just finished doing CCD to FHIR and am working on FHIR to OpenEMR import. If anyone has a PDF, i’d like to see it.

(Stephen Waite) #4

after you install it once, it’s setup as a server and with network configuration you can then connect to it from client computers through a browser.

(Alexandre Slatkin) #5

I am sorry but I don’t know how to do that. So, the data is stored on the computer I installed the program correct? Can I back up from the original computer and restore into the other one? I noticed that on openemr there is a backup area but could not find a restore choice. Any ideas?

(Brady Miller) #6

Received some more information on this topic from somebody via email:

The CCDAs generated by PF contain encounter data (including vital signs) only for signed charts. In a perfect world, every encounter will be signed before the provider leaves the clinic, but the world is often not perfect and encounters can remain unsigned for some time. Before clinics use the bulk CCDA feature that PF has provided, they need to ensure that every single encounter is signed.

Also, I wanted to give you an example of info in PF that is NOT included in the CCDAs. If a clinic uses an unstructured free-text field to store clinic-specific data, that data will not be included in the CCDA, such as the “Past Medical History” free-text area.

So, in general, our advice to anyone moving away from PF is to make sure every encounter is signed before they generate the CCDAs, and to realize that the free-text data in the “Notes” section or the Past Medical History sections won’t be included in the CCDAs. If they need that free-text data, they need to request the full dump and see if it’s there; if it’s not, they’ll need to get it manually.

(Brady Miller) #7

Received following information via email:

Got a ccda from PF with signed encounters but the import of encounter on CCM doesn’t trigger because of difference in encounter effective date structure.

Note above issue should be an easy fix in code.

(Richard Burt) #8

Has anyone got to do a successful full migration form Practice Fusion to OPEN EMR. I have a full data export from practice fusion and ccda.CCDA up load fine but only demographic information no notes.