Planning for OpenEMR 5.0.2 release

(Brady Miller) #1

Hi Everybody,

It’s time to start planning OpenEMR’s next release. The goal is to release OpenEMR 5.0.2 in 2 months. Will be tracking progress here:

As with all prior releases, there is a bit of work to do. If your interested in helping, check out above link to get an idea of things you can help with.


(Brady Miller) #2


For those wishing to help with the release. Here are the critical issues that need to be completed before the release:
Issues · openemr/openemr · GitHub

And then here is the complete list of issues that would prefer to have completed before the release:
5.0.2 Milestone · GitHub

(Brady Miller) #3

Here the prelim Release Features listing:

(if you have recommended changes, feel free to either let me know what to change or you can directly edit it)

(CG) #4

What version of PHP should we use to try out 5.0.2 ? From what I’ve seen so far, the install/setup routine doesn’t complete correctly with any version of PHP from 7.0-7.3


(Stephen Waite) #5

hi @Penguin8R, 7.2 should be fine
do you see any errors in the log like missing required files?

(CG) #6

I just started playing with it Friday, going through it again today so far I’ve noticed the the gacl/setup.php file is missing, as is most of the content of the /vendor sub-directory.
I’ll do a fresh git checkout and start over from scratch, maybe I didn’t get everything the 1st time around.
If anybody else is playing with this, be forewarned that it flat out won’t build on Ubuntu 16 LTS, you’ll need Ubuntu 18 (a.k.a “Bionic Beaver”) in order for composer and the other dependencies to work.

(Stephen Waite) #7

openemr/ at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub, great way to start playing around

and traditional build

(Stephen Nielson) #8

@CG I’m on ubuntu 16.04.6 and it’s been building for me. I’m on PHP 7.1.27-1.

Have you tried the docker installs?

(CG) #9

Looks like maybe something went wrong when I cloned the master last week, or something got fixed over the weekend. I checked out a fresh copy from GitHub and started over, it at least builds correctly and the setup routine works. The UI is still a cluster, but this is a start.
I kept running into dependency errors with obsolete package versions trying to run the composer install on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, even after I made sure all the PHP packages there were up to date, so I just quit wasting time with it and did the distro update to 18. Interesting that it works in some environments and not others. Thanks everyone!

(Jerry P) #10

Works fine in 7.2 16.04 and I run always in testing on PHP7.1.

(Brady Miller) #11

Officially, OpenEMR 5.0.2 will work with any PHP > 7.1.1:
openemr/Checker.php at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub

(Brady Miller) #12

@sjpadgett , just in case you are wondering why > 7.1.1 and not all 7.1, is so can use this awesome encryption related function:
openemr/crypto.php at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub

(Stephen Nielson) #13

@brady.miller It looks like you meant to say 7.1.1 instead of 5.1.1. Right? The line you reference in the Checker checks against 7.1.1. PHP themselves doesn’t support any version before 7.1.

(Jerry P) #14

We probably should just strongly encourage PHP7.2+ and Ubuntu 18.04. This combo seems to install very well. I believe Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP install PHP7.0 by default but not 100% sure.

(Brady Miller) #15

oops, thanks for pointing that out. I fixed my posts above.