Patient Portal doesn't work

i installed openemr version 5.0.2 on xampp to fully understand the program first before applying it to the server for the clinic. Everytime i try to register new patient via patient portal, i always get this message at the end of the session
Unable to either create credentials or send email.
while i know that the credential can be previewed manually by admin, i need this to work so that the patients can register and book appointment online without needing the admin to reset the credential for them…did i do any mistakes or did i miss something here?

Hi @lyred_nd Welcome,
The reason you’re seeing above error is because you may not have email setup for your instance to send login to patient. Most likely you’re seeing that the patient is still created.

I’ve just finished some work in register here: Allow items exclude in Portal Profile by sjpadgett · Pull Request #3796 · openemr/openemr · GitHub
And will be releasing a pre patch for patch 4 sometime today if you’d be willing to test for us.

Here is a test prepatch 4 for you to test with if you want. Install like any normal released patch.

@sjpadgett the email setup, where should i set that one? Sorry i’m still new to this :slight_smile: is it the same one with patient reminder sender email? or is there any different tab for it? thanks

Yes, I just use a google account

ah okay, thanks a lot

I am having the same issue with openemr 7.0 version, Patient portal registration is keep loading and at end it saying contact to clinic or went to 503 error
i am on this url : New Patient | Register


I have followed the link you provided, and it is on register for new patient.

Have you fixed the error ?

resolved, issue i was getting because of smtp.

i faced same problem can you help me please , how you fix it