Patient Portal Error

i accidentally deleted one of the demographics layouts. turns out it makes my patient portal doesn’t work, when it reach the “profile tab”, there’s always this message
DataAdapter (default) Error Selecting SQL: Unknown column ‘patient_data.country_code’ in ‘field list’ (retry attempts: 0)
is there any way to fix this? or should i delete and reinstall everything? i’ve already customize several things so i don’t really want to delete and reinstall everything for the 5th times :frowning:

also i need to remove some of the quetion in the patient registration. is it possible? we don’t really need that much details

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No need to reinstall. Do you have a backup database? All you have to do is fire up your backup and it should be good to go.

Or -

If you show a screenshot of your Admin->Layouts->Demographics you might be able to just re-add it manually.

you might try to export it from backup on one of our demos then import from backup.

ah thanks, it’s already working now…for the 2nd question, can i remove some of the questionaire in the patient registration? like we don’t really need the insurance tab or some of the data asked in the patient registration profile tab.

Insurance tab no. For it if patient just types self in first field we move on.
I just did a patch to do exclude from profile question in signup and portal profile.
I gave it to you on another thread. Patient Portal doesn't work
Be sure to run sql_patch.php from browser after patch is installed.
Check out the wiki for installing a patch.

DEM Layouts is where you exclude items.

ah…okay…err…how do i install the Allow items exclude in Portal Profile? is it included in the prepatch zip? and is it the same way with the one in the upgrade installation guide?

Just download the prepatch zip i’ve provider in this thread and use in place of released patch.
The prepatch has all the previous patches 2-3 plus what will soon to be released in patch 4.
Just ensure you run sql_patch.php after you unzip. The exclude in portal is in this patch and read my PR to get idea of how works. ie change in the DEM layout in Layouts.

okay, thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the short cutted answers but my communications skills have been horrible of late…:slight_smile:

it’s okay lol…my english isn’t that good either so maybe that one’s on me

err, 1 more question, @sjpadgett, i deleted the religion list, i forgot the name detail, and added a new religion list more relevant to my country. but the list reffered in the layout keep changing itself to the old list eventhough i changed it to the list that i made several times, and now the choices won’t shows up in patient portal. is there any way to fix this?

The portal profile is only based on the layouts where it only uses our default layout i.e it is fixed to default table for patient data. So you can only change default items. Take lists, you have to modify the default list which is religious_affiliation for religion. You can’t add a new list because portal only knows about the default list id’s.

This will all change in our next major release when you’ll use a picker for portal forms.

so if i have deleted religious_affiliation list, does remaking the list with the exact same name will fix it? or the ids of every data in the list is also should be the same with the default one?

hmm, As long as the list has the tag/list id of religious_affiliation the list id’s shouldn’t matter.

ah yeah…that fixed it…thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face: