Patient Portal Credential Reset Link Shows Login Page

Summary, check server and PHP error log, and include the versions of each server application:
etc etc

Oh, also try firefox

Hi @kkappiah
It occurred to me this morning that your problem could be related to time zone differences between server dates and openemr dates.
I still would expect to see a notice in php error log. Also check your openemr audit logs

Hello Jerry,

Please my logs are empty. There’s no error which logs in my php error logs upon clicking the reset link.

Please where can i locate audit logs in the system.

Under Administration->System->logs

Under Administration->System->Audit Log Tamper

Hello @sjpadgett ,

with respect to time zones, i deliberately deleted some portion of the OTP link sent to the email and this was the error recorded in my php error logs.

The first timezone is Africa/Accra that is correct. But the second one Europe/Berlin is wrong. I do not know why. The Europe/Berlin timezone was logged when i deleted some portion of the URL (OTP URL).

Hope this helps

I think I may have found an issue. Can you replace portal/index.php with the one i’ve attached?
Let me know

index.php (29.8 KB)

I did as instructed but yielded the same result (It still opens the login page)

Does it work on the default site?
You need to private message me a url so I can test. Otherwise, this is working for me on multisite.

Yes please. It still doesnt work on multisite. Will send you the link so that you take a look. Thanks

I found your issue. Your redirected forwarded URL is malformed because you are including the site id in the portal globals Patient Portal Site Address.
Namely at Globals->Portal Patient Portal Site Address.

You’re using the form https://[kofisdomain]/portal/index.php?site=[siteid]
Just use the form https://[kofisdomain]/portal/index.php for now.
I need to test and fix if site id is already included in URL.
Will post fix here when done.

Ok. Will try that now.

Thanks again

Okay here’s is a fix where you can put your portal url back to https://[kofisdomain]/portal/index.php?site=[siteid] so site id tracks with emails.

place below at portal/account/account.lib.php

account.lib.php (10.3 KB)

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@kkappiah I assuming my last changes fixed this issue. I am wondering if you’d want to install the new portal that will be released in next patch? It has been and is currently being tested by several others and has many changes including more responsive on small devices such as mobile. It is a separate install for current production version of openemr v6.0.3.

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Woow @sjpadgett

It Works Now!! It’s actually my first time seeing the password reset page.

Thanks for not giving up on me. Thanks Thanks Thanks

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@kkappiah You’re welcome. You may want to replace index.php with new below. I added some url redirect checks for site id to ensure they are included.

index.php (27.3 KB)

Hello @sjpadgett ,
Please i am available for the test cycle. How and where can i download to review?

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Hi @kkappiah
I’ll post a patch for new portal in a couple days. I’m still making changes regarding audit disposal and easier for patient to edit documents they have sent to review or saved for completion later.

Thanks for the help testing the portal.

I am interested in testing. If you send it my way I will test.
I have both nginx and apache24 setups.


Sure Sandra, I’m close to doing a final and will build patch tonight or tomorrow… thanks!

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Hi @kkappiah
Not sure if you have seen this:

Yes please, I have. Thanks for the update