Patient Portal Credential Reset Link Shows Login Page

Hello, please when i request for credential reset in the Patient Portal, I receive an email as expected with all the necessary links and the OTP. The problem here is that when i click the reset link, the reset credential page doesn’t show up. I am directed to the login page.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 6.0.3

I’m using: Chrome & Safari

Operating System
I’m using: MacOS

I did check the logs and everything works fine.

Summary, check server and PHP error log, and include the versions of each server application:
etc etc

Oh, also try firefox

Hi @kkappiah
It occurred to me this morning that your problem could be related to time zone differences between server dates and openemr dates.
I still would expect to see a notice in php error log. Also check your openemr audit logs

Hello Jerry,

Please my logs are empty. There’s no error which logs in my php error logs upon clicking the reset link.

Please where can i locate audit logs in the system.

Under Administration->System->logs

Under Administration->System->Audit Log Tamper

Hello @sjpadgett ,

with respect to time zones, i deliberately deleted some portion of the OTP link sent to the email and this was the error recorded in my php error logs.

The first timezone is Africa/Accra that is correct. But the second one Europe/Berlin is wrong. I do not know why. The Europe/Berlin timezone was logged when i deleted some portion of the URL (OTP URL).

Hope this helps

I think I may have found an issue. Can you replace portal/index.php with the one i’ve attached?
Let me know

index.php (29.8 KB)