OpenEMR with Availity

Is anyone successfully using OpenEMR to submit claims through Availity. I’m using OpenEMR v5.0.1 (7) but all claims are rejected. My payer is BCBSTX (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas).

The X12 file generated by OpenEMR results in the following rejection message from Availity.

Reject Message:
Unrecognized data was found in the data file as part of Loop 2000B. The last kno
wn Segment was HL at guideline position 0010.

Reject Message:
Unrecognized data was found in the data file as part of Loop 2010BB. The last kn
own Segment was NM1 at guideline position 0150.

I can fix all of the X12 formatting errors generated by OpenEMR with “EDI Notepad” but other processing errors will follow.

At envelope ZZ/AV09311993->01/030240928, Ctrl=026860807
At group AV01101957->030240928, Ctrl=1
At message 837:0123 Ctrl=0001
In segment B.HL.SBR
Mandatory element missing for segment ‘SBR’ at position 1
In segment B.HL.NM1.NM1
If one is present, then all must be: NM108, NM109
In segment B.HL.NM1.NM1
If one is present, then all must be: NM108, NM109
In segment B.HL.NM1.N3
Mandatory element missing for segment ‘N3’ at position 1

Are there any other clearing houses that accept OpenEMR X12 files without customization? Maybe OfficeAlly?

Thanks in advance.

hi @DONMNELL, should be able to use any x12 partner, can you paste the 837 file with the phi redacted?

Hi Stephen,

Here is the file.

Thank you.

ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*AV09311993     *01*030240928      *210126*0906*^*00501*026860807*0*P*:~GS*HC*AV01101957*030240928*20210126*0906*1*X*005010X222A1~ST*837*0001*005010X222A1~BHT*0019*00*0123*20210126*0906*CH~NM1*41*2*ABC MEDICAL GROUP*****46*471990379~PER*IC**TE*2105551212*EM*DRABCABCMEDICALGROUP.COM~NM1*40*2*AVAILITY*****46*030240928~HL*1**20*1~NM1*85*2*ABC MEDICAL GROUP*****XX*1114323466~N3*123 MAIN STREET~N4*AMITYVILLE*FL*111119999~REF*EI*471990379~HL*2*1*22*1~SBR~NM1*IL*1******MI~NM1*PR*2******PI~N3~N4~HL*3*2*23*0~PAT~NM1*QC*1*DOE*JANE~N3*456 MINOR STREET~N4*AMITYVILLE*FL*111119999~DMG*D8*19840404*F~CLM*1091-25401*255.00***11:B:1*Y*A*N*Y~HI*ABK:F411*ABF:F340~NM1*82*1*SMITH*MARY****XX*1518285840~PRV*PE*PXC*207Q00000X~LX*1~SV1*HC:99214*135.00*UN*1***1~DTP*472*D8*20210104~LX*2~SV1*HC:90836*120.00*UN*1***2~DTP*472*D8*20210104~SE*33*0001~GE*1*1~IEA*1*026860807~

thank you @DONMNELL, you’ve got to enter the insurance and subscriber information

Thank you. I will double check that when able and report back. Thanks again.


After following your suggestion to add the missing insurance information, I only had one remaining error.

OpenEMR was striping the ‘@’ from the email address in the data following EM*. Added the missing ‘@’ manually and the claim went through.

Not sure why OpenEMR strips that out.

Thanks for your help.

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must be a bug in that old version, rec upgrading to 6.0.0 if possible, hand editing 837s is only fun when just starting out :slight_smile:

We are having issues with submitting claims to Availity as well. We can’t get claims to process. Our IT vendor spoke to Availity and indicated the following:

“When I talked to the Availity Cust Svc she identified an issue that indicates that the x12 claim file generator appears to be building the claim file in a format Availity doesn’t recognize: it put the X12 Partner identifiers where the Receiver identifiers should be. I believe that the default claim file generator code that OpenEMR comes with formats it for a different clearinghouse. Since all the claim files it generates would have that same incompatible formatting I haven’t sent the other claims- they’d all get rejected for the same reason.
I’m checking with our developers to see if that’s the case. If it is, they’ll need to rearrange the generator’s code to output it in the format Availity wants.”

Is this an issue others have had or a known issue? Would love to get Availity working!

We are using Version Number: v6.1.0-dev of OpenEMR.

Not sure here w/o knowing specifically why the rejection(what segments etc), but i’d take a look at you x12 partner setup for Availity.

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Here is the info from our IT vendor…

It’s loop 1000B, the receiver information. The part of the file that includes it is:
ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*AV09311993 *01*030240928 *210928*2012*^*00501*632874329*1*P*:~ GS*HC*5010*030240928*20210928*2012*1*X*005010X222A1~ ST*837*0001*005010X222A1~ BHT*0019*00*6328743290001*20210928*2012*CH~ NM1*41*2*NEW LEAF BEHAVIORAL HEALTH*****46*320204218~ PER*IC*ATTN OFFICE MANAGER*TE*9197818370*EM*[INFO@NLBH.ORG](mailto:INFO@NLBH.ORG)~ NM1*40*2*AVAILITY*****46~ HL*1**20*1~ PRV*BI*PXC*251S00000X~

The message that this was a HIPAA error:
‘Missing element NM109’

As explained by the CS person the receiver should be BCBS not Availity.

I looked in the forum and didn’t find anything recent about loop 1000B. In the posts I found the code changes they suggested were incorporated into the codebase in OpenEMR 4.

Any insight appreciated!


Hi @dmnlbh, I’ll check it out.

what do you have for the billing in Globals for the bottom two checkboxes?

Hi @stephenwaite - as it happens, I’m the ‘IT Vendor’ and I’ve tried generating the claim with ‘Generate X-12 Based on Insurance Company’ both on and off. The files produced are identical.
And I have been manually uploading individual claims through the Availity website for now, until the claims are regularly accepted. Then will start ftp’ing batches.
As Dava reported, the Availity CS tech says that line,
should be the BCBS identifier instead of Availity (with one more datum at the end in position 09). I mean, unless I mis-identified loop 1000B?

I would think the info came from the insurance and theirs is complete-- unless of course it wants the ‘Payer ID for Encounter Claims’, not the other one? But I wouldn’t think that would make it put the wrong line in there.

Doesn’t it come from insurance?

it’s most likely a bug from this recent commit

Thank you Sir, I’ll ask our Dev to check that out.

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i’ll be looking into it, this should be a new thread as well since already solved

hi @htuck, where does availity want their information then?

their x-12 identifiers are all in the ISA line:

here’s from the practice settings, ‘x12 partners’:


usually the clearinghouse replaces their information in the 1000B in the submitted 837, presumably they move that into the 1000A loop and the insurance into the 1000B when they push to the payer