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openEMR to Mirth as a HL7 Message

I am Job Seeker learning Mirth and Looking for help

I am new to Mirth and openEMR, got a POC where I have installed openEMR and myPHP Admin through XAMPP. I have some dummy data in openEMR. This data needs to export to mirth in HL7 message format.

Is it possible to extract patient data as HL7 message format and use in mirth. If possible how to do that. Please help me in this.

Yes it is possible but what is the purpose?

apologies for the additional questions. are you looking for the processes that are already built?

Apologies for late reply. Yes I have installed openEMR, PHPMyAdmin and Mirth in Windows 10 64 bit and trying to extract ADT messages.

Now I am able to extract data from openEMR using Database Reader.

But I am not able to convert this SQL format data into ADT message. Is it possible to convert SQL data in to HL7 ADT messages?

Please let me know if you need more information on this.


You are going to have to write a script to format your data into HL7. Look in the interface/reports/immunization_report.php You will find an example of mapping data to HL7 segments. You will have to know what data goes in which segment in order to map the data.

Do you expect @juggernautsei to type ADT for you in the searchbox?