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OpenEMR documentation project

Let us start an openemr documentation project. I volunteer to be part of it. It would be a project to keep up with installation and user instructions and changes. Kindly guide me.

Start by creating a section in this community for the documentation project.
Let’s make a handbook like this:

Let’s also write a handbook on the architecture, which would be good for developers. and for whoever would like to write modules for openemr.


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Hi Sandra,

That sounds like an amazing idea. As with most OpenSource projects the documentation can be a bit lacking.
Lately I have been focused on documenting things on the youtube channel.

But I agree the written documentation could use significant work too.

I believe OpenEMR is currently planning to apply for the Google Season of Docs program to help get some technical writers/students involved in the project and documentation.

Is the google season of docs application something you’d be interested in helping with?


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Hi Sandra, Rachel-
Having contributed to the OpenEMR documentation wiki
for several years I know how difficult to use it has grown to be. Nevertheless it contains a huge amount of documentation that is applicable to the 5.0+ releases and a merely large amount specifically for the 5.0+ versions.
Sandra, I’m curious if you envisioned starting from scratch, or had thought about migrating the existing docs as part of the ramp up to the new docs repo.
Also, if you haven’t yet, you might also want to get in touch w/ Robert Down to see what obstacles he encountered in his run at a docs repo.

Best- HT

Definitely not starting from scratch. I am also part of Robert’s documentation project. I have not heard about it recently. It is just that it has been 8 years now since my last involvement with openemr and I will again be using it full time, that I figured I could organize some of the information while I learn it all over again. There are a lot of changes.That’s all.
There has to be an easier way to track the documentation. Isn’t there a github for documentation?
It can’t possibly be this painful!!


Well, I see others in the OpenEMR are applying to google season of docs, so maybe they will take that bull by the horns.

If they’re doing anything I have skills in I will probably help out but I don’t see anybody with a plan yet.

The documentation project is a big undertaking and could use a TON of TLC. We are hoping to be accepted into Google Season of Docs which I believe would really help out our documentation.

We are about to freeze the current wiki and migrate to a new documentation management system. We are currently testing it and working on the migration plan. The new system will be much easier for writers to use and hopefully help elevates the overall quality of the documentation. Morgan McNamera has been working on documentation along with a couple of community members who aren’t active right now.

The GSOD application is taking my time right now, once submitted I can focus back on the migration plan/deployment.

Glad to see some interest in improving docs!


I will be using openemr in my new practice full time. I will help with documentation.