OpenEMR 6.0.0 Patch 3 has been released

The 3rd patch for OpenEMR 6.0.0 has been released:

The patch includes:

  • Added Support for Fully Integrated Telehealth Modules; see Lifemesh Telehealth Module for the first integrated third party Telehealth Module! (by Sherwin Gaddis)
  • Patient Portal improvements (by Jerry Padgett)
  • Security fixes (fixes by Brady Miller)
  • PHP8 bug fixes (fixes by Jerry Padgett and Stephen Waite)
  • Patient finder fix (fix by Stephen Waite)
  • Billing fixes (fixes by Stephen Waite)
  • EDI history fixes (fixes by Stephen Waite)
  • Fee sheet fix (fix by Stephen Waite)
  • Billing daysheet fix (fix by Stephen Waite)
  • Collection report fix (fix by Stephen Waite)
  • Demographics fixes (fixes by Stephen Waite)
  • Vitals form fix (fix by Jerry Padgett)
  • Unique installation ID fix (fix by Brady Miller)
  • Code types fix (fix by Stephen Waite)
  • Pnote fix (fix by Jerry Padgett)
  • Added setting to turn on/off input of onset/hospitalization date for each visit (by Rod Roark)

For all those that use the portal feature, we’ve done a major change in navigation. Mainly we’ve moved the side bar navigation to the top of the views. This should give a better responsive experience on tablets and phones. Furthermore, Documents navigation has also improved.
I plan many more new improvements in our next patch.


How do i upgrade to latest patch with some files of mine already customized?

In the patch instructions there is a list of files you can check to see if you have modified files:

This is the 3rd patch and also includes changes from prior patches. Please read through the list of modified files to ensure you haven’t customized any of these, since this will copy over this.

If you have modified any of the OpenEMR core files you will have to compare your changes with the modified files and apply your changes on top of that. To avoid having to do this in the future you should try bundling your changes into a module. If you need to modify a core file you should put up an issue on github asking to have a OpenEMR event added to the system that you can connect to instead of having to modify core files.

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How to make a module

Hi @brady.miller ,

I just installed 3 instance of the OpenEMR (dev,test,stage) and am testing with the patch 3. Feels good and great at first look.

@juggernautsei Only had a disappintment with Lifemesh. I went to the website to get trial license but there was none. I couldnt find a demo of the system either. I would not want to subscribe to something i dont know about. Appreciate your help and advise.

@jfischburg is the person that is able to address the lack of a trial account.

Hello, @murugappan We offered a free trial during the pilot period, which ended in August. But we have heard you and understand that it will be helpful for you to experience firsthand how Lifemesh Telehealth works, in your hands. That’s why we’ve created a coupon that will credit your initial order $99.00.

Please use coupon code LIFEMESH99.

This coupon code may be used by any practice looking to evaluate Lifemesh Telehealth.

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I saw the update today and wanted to put in the newest patch.

“The 3rd patch for OpenEMR 6.0.0 has been released.”

When I followed all the instructions, I get this error:

“Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80”

Then I see that am running: Version Number: v6.1.0-dev.

Does this patch apply to me? If not how did I get v6.1.0-dev, and which one am I supposed to have?

Jeff Guillory
Lumberton, TX.

hi @nursejeff, it doesn’t apply since you’re on 6.1.0 which you moved to when you upgraded to the development version.

Hi @jfischburg

I see that you replied in another post. Lets close this one and focus on Project - Integrate Telehealth

Hello Stephen,
I see that you worked on the Messaging section of the EMR. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I cannot sort the columns based on type, date, sender, etc. The (?) help popup mentions the ability to sort, but there are no arrows to sort those columns. Is there something I need to enable?
I really need to be able to see “URGENT” messages at the top of the column as it only defaults to “Date”.

Additionally, the listing always reverts to the top of the listing after viewing a message, even though I may be 2-3 pages into the list.

Any help would be appreciated!

Mark L Sarnov, MD

hi @Mark_Sarnov, sounds like a bug, will check it out.

Any luck “sorting” this thing out?

Nevermind. I fixed it.
Here is the corrected messages.php
Specifically lines 562, 568, 571 required the following after the href=…
<img src="…/…/…/public/images/sortdown.gif" border=0

There was no link to the gif for the sortup and sortdown arrow, therefore, nothing to click upon to change the sort order.
How do I get this included in the next patch or main tar.gz?

messages.php (65.0 KB)

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hi @Mark_Sarnov , created a PR following the contributing guide.

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Thank you… also: there is another bug in messages.php.
When clicking on the document linked to a message, it will not display/pull the document to view due to a problem in line: 505 (of the current messages.php on GitHub)
where : attr(addslashes($pname)) . “’,” . attr(addslashes($prow[‘pid’])) . “,” . attr(addslashes($prow[ pubpid’])

will work when changed to:
attr(addslashes($pname)) . “’,” . attr(addslashes($prow[‘pid’])) . “,” . attr(addslashes($prow[ pid’])

This is the “gotoReport” call from “onclick”

When I inspected the live webpage in the browser, the “pubpid” was not populated(mostly, but not all the time), and if blank, the link does not work. My kludge of repeating the 'pid" in both fields resolves the issue.

Mark L. Sarnov, MD