New Weno Module Install and Setup

Between @juggernautsei, @kkappiah and myself, I think we have a pretty good product for our users.
We have moved the feature to a module available in our core releases.


Weno has evolved over the last several years to provide a much revampt pharmacy listing for both local and state wide eRx.

In the past offering OpenEMR maintained most of the requirements for sending prescriptions however Weno and OpenEMR will now serve the Weno Online prescription form within OpenEMR via a new widget on the patient chart summary screen. This has the advantage of keeping the eRx process consistent across upgrades and future changes.
Though the online Weno prescriptions will automatically sync to the OpenEMR prescriptions database every 30 minutes, one may manually sync any time using the Sync button in widget.
To send a new prescription; click the edit Pen Icon to bring up the Weno Online eRx form. See below.

  • eRx render after Pen button click:

I personally believe, especially since I have some previous experience using Weno, that the new offering is much easier to install and setup plus easier to write a prescription. I hope Weno users have the same experience.
So let’s get to installing and setting up the module to get ready for use.

Module Install and Setup.

  • First from top menu select Modules->Manage Modules

  • Next click the tab Unregistered Modules from the top tabs of table and then find the Weno EZ Integration module and click the Register button.

  • After registering the module you’ll be returned the the Registered page. Find and click the Install button for the module.

Important to note that any fields that are entered or modified in module config will auto save. This is, I hope, a convenience.

  • The Install button will become an Enable button after install completes. Click Enable.
  • If this is the first time the module has been installed a warning will pop up telling that Weno Admin settings have not been entered. This is indicated by a red module config icon. By clicking this icon the Weno eRx Service Admin Setup credentials config will show in a panel.
  • The trash can icon is used to unregister the module. Any previous Weno setup will persist and remain in the last state of configuration. This way when and if the module is re-registered, all previous setup will remain.

  • After entering the required Admin credentials received when a Weno account was created, click the Enable button to enable the module allowing further Weno OpenEMR setup. You must log out and in or click the Restart OpenEMR button in config panel to enable the new Weno menu items of Admin->Other->Weno Management and Reports->Clients->Prescription Log. More on further Weno setup below.
  • The Admin->Config Weno tab is available for entering the Admin credentials the same as in the module config. It is available even if the module is installed and enabled but the module config is not completed. This is for our legacy users used to maintaining credentials from here.

Weno Required Setup for OpenEMR

This is in addition to the Weno account setup.

  • Values needed for finishing setup are:
    1. Weno User Id: Uxxxx
    2. Assigned Location Id’s for all the facilities used by the above User Id: Lxxxxx
    3. The users credentials assign to each prescriber: username(email address) and password.

That’s all. So to complete setup follow the below steps

  • Open Admin->Users and select the user associated with the weno user id Uxxx and enter and save the weno user id in the Weno Provider ID field.

  • Next open Admin->Other->Weno Management and enter the assigned Location Id Lxxxxx for the locations facilities.

  • Lastly from the top patient bar user icon click Settings. Scroll down or find the Weno button and click. Enter your username(email) and password in the Weno Provider Email and Weno Provider Password fields and Save. Note If these credentials are absent or wrong, you will not be able to prescribe prescriptions.

So this is not complete yet and I’ll be back to add additional information. In the meantime feel free to comment.