Addendum patch for Weno EZ eRx, etherFax and Module Manager

I’ve created an addendum patch to we’ll call
Included are some bug fixes post patch 1 and Weno and etherFax updates and new features.
This patch is mainly for those Weno users that want to take advantage of easier searches and pharmacy management.

Be sure to read and follow install instructions.

  • add a new modules done loading event.
  • Fix for empty content error for fax from patient documents.
  • set default x12 partner for item in billing manager (#7502)
  • fix: add date_end to query for getEffectiveInsurances (#7490)
  • Fixes #7497 datetimepicker invalid date format (#7499)


  • Much improved pharmacy search for Weno

  • Search filters now persist between searches so next search already have the last search selected.

  • New ability to change Primary and Alternate Pharmacy from eRx widget based on all already assigned pharmacies across patients.

  • New button to allow a full pharmacy directory download by an Admin.

Instructions IMPORTANT

  • Only install this patch after installing 7.0.2.patch 1.

  • If this is first time using Weno, install patch 1 then this addendum and install module normally.

  • After installing zip and if you’re using the Weno module you must go to the Manage Module and click the Upgrade SQL button for Weno module or if Upgrade SQL button doesn’t show then Disable, unregister then Install so database is upgraded. All current settings will remain the same.

  • Be sure module is enabled then you must re download your full pharmacy directory since the pharmacy table has be modified.

  • Go to Admin > Weno eRx Tools > Weno Downloads Management and click Full Update button.

Unzip in openemr root directory. Remember patch 1 must be installed prior to this patch. (179.8 KB)

7.0.2 patch 1 download.

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Hi Jerry, just to double check, is there any additional sql updates we need to run for this Addendum in addition to the ones in the original patch?

Greatly appreciate any response.

Why yes for the module as pointed out in addendum install instructions but for core I don’t know of any so I say no with the disclaimer of: make it a practice of running sql_upgrade(also runs patch sql) after any changes to directory tree. This way you cover your, forgive the language, a??!

Thanks for the clarification, just wanted to make sure to run the sql_patch again as we just did that for the main patch.

Okay. If using weno I hope that is working okay for you.