New Quest laboratory module

Press Release
Not really.

But there is good news. We are in the final phase of a new module connecting OpenEMR to Quest Lab Hub. The name is deceiving in that it only connects with Quest Labs. The module should be available soon. You can check out some YouTube videos to see what is coming down the pipe. We have been given a couple more things to do to meet Quest requirements. I will post back here soon when the module is ready for release.

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Final testing was completed today of the result retrieval process. Hopefully a green light to go live will be coming soon.

That’s cool Sherwin I know it was a chore and a time consuming task.
I hope some of the stuff I put in for LabCorp and quest was helpful.
What you are doing is the exact reason I took the time to do it, so thank you for verifying our core with quest.
Now get on the LabCorp young man!

@sjpadgett no offense taken.

Collection Date/Time= OBR.07
Specimen received Date/Time = OBR.14
Reported Date/Time = OBR.22

Some of this stuff is still foreign to me. ORB.07 is one of those things I still have not fully processed.
I understand you saying to push back. If I know where to push back. I do. I my case. I am just trying to get through the process. Ron says the requirement is not new but what do I know. I am still web behind the ears.

@juggernautsei, any update on your quest for Quest?

@mdsupport we are in the final production testing. The code required to run the module has been merged into 7.0.2. I will be setting up a git repo for the module. I will simultaneously release a patch for v7.0.0x and v7.0.1x respectively.

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We are stuck because the production server where the final testing is being done can’t pull a token from the Quest Hub. It is that server issue. The user can get a token from the command line using curl but the application can’t pull in a token. I have no idea what to instruct them to do. I asked Ron at Quest if we could get another company to do the production testing to finish the certification. I am waiting for an answer.

Which application. Your app Sherwin can’t pull what token?

@sjpadgett it is not the fault of the app. I have the same Quest Lab app running on two different servers and both of them pull a token from Quest. There is a feature in the app to test if the server is getting a token from Quest. The system in question does not. But can from the command line. I don’t have access to the server in question (nor do I want access). =^)

I have the code on a private repo. but without a Quest account it is useless.

I get it but it just was interesting to me what the issue could be. Perhaps a PHP setting!
Anyway to satisfy my curiosity would you report back if you solve?

Yes, because that is what I am thinking it is a settings issue but the really weird thing is that the same system could pull a token from the Quest sandbox but not from the production system. The same code with no changes other than the URL. It should have been easy peasy. But then Murphy got involved and you know what that means.

If it is url, are you sure Quest has set up their prod server to issue the token to you? Are you saying you can get token from that url using plain browser but not thru your code? Can you post code snippet and error log? Quest does not include any diagnostic tool to validate the setup on their side?

In EDI world, one of the most common issues during server switch is clients forgetting to switch ‘T’ to ‘P’ causing production server on other end to reject/ignore the messages as it is incapable of supporting T(est) mode. If Quest has similar approach, they would have documented this somewhere.

@mdsupport I asked the client if he had checked the box in the Globals. He assured me that he did.
I sent him traps set throughout the code. He sent me back the log entries. The cURL call is posting the correct URL. His credentials work from the command line so Quest has his account set up on the production server. I have used his credentials on my server and I am able to get a token from the Quest production server. On his server, the cURL call is not receiving the credentials. :thinking:

I’d grab a phpinfo dump of the server. IE send a phpinfo.php file for the customer to put on the server and compare the extension info. Could be the php-curl extension is a different version or something is going on with the SSL handshake at the php level. I’ve seen that go wrong if you are getting things on the command line but nothing on the server.

I just got word back from the provider today that he reinstalled the original code and the test brought back a token. He was able to send an order in. Now, Ron needs to find the order in the queue. Then we will be in release.

@adunsulag the doctor on the other side would never give me that information. Whenever I ask for the log file. He only sends me the lines of the log file he thinks I need to see and nothing more.

But all seems well now and we may be live before December 1!

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Clap your hands. We are nearing a release of this module (again).


Hand clapping literally

Has this been released officially?

Yes, but it is unsupported until patch one is released.

Here are the code base changes that are needed to support the module.

It has been in action in the field since February 2024.

Awesome work Sherwin!

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