New Member - Introduction

Hello all,

I am student at Drexel University super interested in contributing to projects related to health and I just joined OpenEMR with the goal of contributing as a developer and also assisting with documentations and translation. A fun fact about me is that I am fluent in 3 languages.


Hi @Salamata_Bah
Welcome to the OpenEMR community. Looks like you have a lot to contribute; sometimes the difficulty one has in helping the project is finding where to help! This OpenEMR community has been around a long time and has generated a lot of information. Don’t get overwhelmed by my verbosity but let me introduce you to the main aspects of the project.

It sounds to me like the most important thing you can do first is to start reading. Read here in the forum and read the OpenEMR wiki (see below). Downloading OpenEMR Community Edition and installing your own instance would eventually be necessary if you wanted to contribute development but that can wait a little.

The OpenEMR project has a few different repositories of information.

  • One is the code repos which I know absolutely nothing about but if you do you should be able to find it easily enough.

Go see what’s happening over in the forum’s dev section:

Oh, and check this out:

  • The OpenEMR wiki is the official documentation repo, even though a LOT of docs have been posted to this forum in the form of developers’ posts on their new features.

Here’s the home page of the wiki:

Here’s the current user guide page:

The wiki search tool is at the bottom of every wiki page:

And you also see the links there to pages telling how to get a wiki login which you’ll need to edit/ post documentation.

  • This forum is where the community comes to get questions answered that pertain to all aspects of OpenEMR. So, search for topics and learn what has been asked and what has been answered. The search tool is incredibly useful. For example, search for ‘translating’

We see that one of the recent posts on that topic asks about the EMR’s ‘display language’. I happen to know that thread has some good links in it about translation issues and resources in OpenEMR.

Here are a couple more links about translating OpenEMR:

But most of all, just keep coming back here to the forum and ask more questions!
Hope to see you around campus–
Best- Harley